13th April - Today's News: Hailstorm Produces 4 Foot Drifts Near Amarillo

Weather Service surveys damage after raging downpour leaves Texas town covered in giant piles of hail stones up to 4 foot deep, near Amarillo - the drifts were produced by the rain washing the hailstones into position - there wasn't actually 4 foot of hail fall.

NOAA confirm that warm March across US shattered records with over 15,000 individual daily temperature records broken

Gorleston boy tells of mudslide near miss after a thunderstorm causes a wall to collapse

Weather causes havoc across the Emirates whilst unusual hail, heavy rain, snow hit southern Saudi

Tornado destroys 25 houses in Maguindanao in the Philippines

In Malaysia, over 1,000 evacuated in Perak flood

Rising Pacific seas linked to climate change

Eat less meat to prevent climate disasters, study warns - but if the problem is with fertilisers used to grow crops, surely we should eat more meat and less plants?

And, as was quickly identified on UKww yesterday afternoon, typhoon sonic boom behind mysterious bang reports


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