3rd April - Today's News: Heavy Snow Returns to Scotland

Snow and ice return to Scotland with up to 10 inches in places. And down here, tomorrow looks like being a particularly braw day with a cold wind and sleety rain for much of the day, though temperatures so far a little above normal. We do need that rain though!

Warm weather boosts UK crops, but Europe suffers on droughts

Calm settles over Fiji after storms as New Zealanders rally to support flood-stricken Fiji

Typhoon-strength storm brings travel chaos to Japan

In the US, weather service to test more graphic tornado warnings to hopefully make more people appreciate the dangers more. Though whether warning of mass destruction and an 'unsurvivable' storm will backfire if it misses the town, or just disspates before causing too much damage, remains to be seen.

Last month the US saw warm weather records smashed, more than 90 cities with warmest March on record but, not in Alaska where weather flip-flops: March averaged colder than February

Hyperthermal events may be triggered by warming - although the PETM was the biggest and best known one, other lesser events

And there's intriguing evidence that human ancestors used fire one million years ago


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