2nd April - Today's News: Tourists Flee Fijian Floods

Tourists flee in frantic scenes as devastating floods hit Fiji with Cyclone Daphne bearing down on the islands, the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon.

After record heat last week, snow returns to Scotland's mountains - and there could even be some over higher ground in southern England tomrorrow night. More importantly, over the next week, we could finally see some rain!

A similar situation in Sweden where there have been record March highs despite last snow

And in the US, astonishing heat in March set records for the month

Though it's not just the heat that was notable last month: Foggy March brings record temperatures to Reading

In Viet Nam, two killed as storm lashes HCM City, southern provinces

New comparison of ocean temperatures reveals rise over last century

Precipitation impacts glacial melt, Patagonia glacier study suggests

Concerns over India rivers order

Corals 'could survive a more acidic ocean' - which is obvious given they've been around hundreds of millions of years during which time the oceans have often been more acidic than forecast in the near future due to global warming. Of course, as with temperature, the issue is the rate of change, not the change itself. Adaption takes time.

Oh, and world landmarks dimmed for Earth Hour to highlight climate change - a curious ritual in which unnecessary lights are switched off ... only to be switched back on again an hour later. I guess the point is to highlight the inherent stupidity of the human race?


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