27th April - Today's News: Tornados and Flood Warnings as Rain Continues in Drought-hit England

A surprisingly wet night and morning in Evesham, with rainfall totals now in excess of the monthly average - and a wet Sunday still to come with more rain and 60mph warning as poor weather continues for UK with some drought-hit areas of England told to prepare for flooding.  Looks likely to end up the wettest month here since August 2010: good news for local growers, although April deluge 'won't halt drought' - we still need a lot more across the country to replenish the deficit of the past 18 months.

But down under, after a couple of wet summers, it's official: Australia no longer in drought - for the first time in a decade.

We didn't get anything interesting here on Wednesday but elsewhere tornado rips roof off house in Rugby whilst another tornado rips through Essex farm

World's glaciers 'out of balance' - but we knew that already (except for those who continue to deny it)

And something else which is no great surprise: warm ocean driving Antarctic ice loss

Wind pushes plastics deeper into ocean, driving trash estimates up: the ultimate legacy of the anthropocene may be bigger than we imagined.    A lot of this plastic will ultimately settle in sediments and be a clear marker of our presence in millions of years time.

And controversy in Australia where it's claimed TV show giving voice to climate sceptics is skewing evidence,      whilst arch anti-science disinformationist James Dellingpole counters that was still wholly unbalanced (because they had the audacity to feature scientists!) and says ABC: even worse than the BBC.    Seems that sometimes you just can't please anyone!


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