30th April - Today's News: Storm Damage and Floods across England and Wales

It was a bit wet yesterday (and windy).  We had 18.1mm in my garden, bringing the rainfall for the month to nearly 80mm - not as much as August 2010 which was the last time we saw in excess of 100mm but enough to bring the river up to flood level.  Rainfall for the year is however only 150mm so still below average.

Not surprisingly, plenty of problems with flooding and storm damage:

But it was a fine day in Scotland yesterday with clear, sunny skies as late snowfall brings influx of skiers and snowboarders to the Highlands

Wet weather brings surge in giant dandelions

But it's not just Britain that's wet, as flash floods wreak havoc in Kenya

Roof torn from house during storm in NZ

Brazil's Congress approves controversial forest law that will likely lead to even more deforestation, impacting climate and the long term security of those who live in the Amazon.   All so they can sell us cheap soya produce ......   If you want to save the planet, eat British meat instead!
And more research supports the idea that wind farms affect local weather


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