12th April - Todays News: Earthquakes Hit Indonesia & Mexico

Indian Ocean tsunami alert lifted after Aceh quake whilst Mexico shaken by two earthquakes in 24 hours

With some heavy showers in places this week and more rain and showers expected next week, Environment Agency warns of flash flood risk in drought

In Germany, Easter colder than Christmas

In China, golf ball-sized hailstones kill three people

Light pollution 'saturates' UK night skies

Radiation from Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidenst not as harmful to wildlife as feared

Icelandic volcanoes said to be growing restless - and it's nothing to do with the suggestion that Iceland's volcanoes may power UK. Hoepfully any current activity is just down to seasonal snow and glacial melt.

And I totally agree that attacks on climate science by former NASA staff shouldn't be taken seriously - or at least, no more seriously that comments made by old Mrs Crabapple from down the road with the 19 cats. They are entitled to an opinion, but that opinion is no more valid that that of anyone else, and less so that that of those who actually study the subject.


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