17th April - Today's News: Complacency After Successful US Tornado Warnings?

Death toll from Oklahoma tornado rises to six whilst forecasters say 'high risk' warning worked but fear complacency in areas tornadoes didn't it - which is of course what I warned might happen, when these new 'graphic' style of warnings were announced earlier this month.

Rain lashes Sydney - and it's going to get worse - 17mm of rain in 10 minutes is as much as I've had so far this month in total.

In Sweden at the weekend, spring snowfalls cause transport turmoil (I thought it was only in Britain that happened?)

Despite (allegedly) causing a number of earthquakes near Blackpool last year, and the risk of ground water contamination, fracking 'should continue with checks'  and to help you make up your own mind on the issue,
 the Daily Telegraph give us fracking: the state of the evidence

Deliberate grass fires 'socially accepted' says Forestry Commission Wales - it's seen as a 'traditional pastime' amongst some ignorant lowlife scum living in the Welsh valleys .....  

Bering sea ice breaks records - thanks to the weather

Greenland may be slip-sliding away due to surface lake melting - the water possibly acting as a lubricate to speed the movement of the ice sheets towards the ocean, though it may also simply drain direct to the sea more quickly.  Either way it could accelerate sea level rises.   More research needed ......

And finally, for a laugh, James Delinpole has been listening to fairy stories global cooling: be very afraid he says.  Hmmm, he should be more worried about the mutant star goat that's about to eat the Sun....


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