4th April - Today's News: Heavy Snow Returns to England

Now it's out with mild March and in with Arctic April as Scottish ski-ing's salvation sweeps south bringing snow to northern England and even some sleet here in Evesham this morning. Commuters face misery as snow falls whilst gales cause power cuts to about 40,000 homes in northern England

But snow brings relief for Highland fire crews - nothing better to put out a heath fire!

In the Cairngorms, Scottish walkers rescued after being caught in sudden weather change (actually, they were Belgian)

And as we shiver in April, the MetO confirm that March weather third warmest on record

Severe weather of a different kind in the US where Texas picks up the pieces after unprecendented twin tornadoes toss trucks across the skies - amazing video and still there.

Coral links ice sheet collapse to ancient mega-flood ~14.6ka

Amount of coldest Antarctic water near ocean floor decreasing for decades

Yuka, a well preserved juvenile woolly mammoth may have been killed by humans

And finally, climate change could make half the world uninhabitable. Allegedly. Because temps could rise by 12c by 2300. But it would appear such catastrophic predictions (the Deniers must be loving it!) assume that a) CO2 emissions continue at current rate, b) there is a direct, unchanging, relationship between CO2 and temperatures, and c) absolutely nothing else has any effect on temperature....


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