20th April - Today's News: No, It Won't Be The Coldest May In 100 Years!

One of the daftest headlines of the year, courtesy of our old friend Piers Corbyn (who else?): it's going to be the "coldest May in 100 years" forecasters predict (I never realised there was more than one Piers!!).   Well, it's possible.  Just as it's possible Elvis really does live on the Moon.   I have a feeling the second half of May will see a change in weather patterns bringing some warm weather in and overall the month will end a little above average both regards temperature and rainfall.  We'll see who's right!

It's slightly more possible that April could break rainfall records, though extremely unlikely - not least here in Evesham where so far we've had only 91% of average to date. As usual, thunderstorms have by-passed the Vale (we've had just one rumble of thunder all year, so far) but other parts have seen quite a few, including London where yesterday lightning strike disrupts trains in and out of London.  In East Yorkshire, Pocklington town centre hit by flooding

A warm, dry Spring helps rare UK butterflies 'bounce back'

In Chile, cloud seeding of little use without more reservoirs, says irrigation chief - I'd argue it's of little use even with more reservoirs!

'Huge' water resource exists under Africa - interestingly, a lot of it is beneath the Sahara.  If we could tap into it, we might solve some of the continent's drought problems, at least short term.

Apparently, state of Himalayan glaciers less alarming than feared - although the article also states that the total extent of glaciers is 20% smaller than previously assumed.

Wind power: new poll finds 66% of UK public in favour - but what I'd like to see is the split between townies and country folk .....  After all, who would object to a wild hill or moor you never see and never want to see being covered in turbines and power lines?   It appears a different poll in March asking if people wanted windfarms nears their homes produced a slightly less enthusiastic response.   For the record, if forced to make a choice, I'd opt to live a nuclear power station (as I have done in the past - hence my 3 legs and green glow in the dark!).


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