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30th March - Today's News: Surf Closes Beaches as ex-Iris Approaches Qld

Beaches closed along Gold and Sunshine Coasts at start of Easter weekend due to cyclonic surf as ex-Iris approaches Snow causes Easter chaos in southern Sweden - once again, it's not just this country where wintry weather creates problems!  As for us, well for southern Britain the weekend just looks very, very wet ....  But there could be some snow in the north on Monday
In the US, flood threat and severe weather sweep South
Two students found dead after heavy flood in Lagos
NASA visualizes the dance of a melting snowflake which may help identify precipiation type from radar returns
The Sahara Desert is expanding - it's area has increased by 10% since 1920.  Two-thirds of this can be attributed to natural cycles.  The rest is likely down to the effects of a warming atmosphere.
Another Papua New Guinea earthquake: Strong tremor off New Britain island
Worldwide degradation of land and nature threatens prosperity and wellbeing

29th March - Today's News: Saharan Dust Brings Haze and Orange Snow

24th March - Today's News: Cyclone Nora Approaches Queensland

Cyclone Nora now expected to cross Queensland coast overnight or tomorrow morning, probably as a Cat 3 storm
In South Africa, there's chaos as flooding overwhelms parts of Gauteng
This year's Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record - despite which, some still make the bizarre claim that NOAA are "are turning an 80 year cooling trend into a warming trend" - ie not only denying that there is any warming at all but claiming the world is actually getting colder!
Germany was covered by glaciers 450,000 years ago - 100k earlier than thought
How effective are earthquake early warning systems?
And Mount Etna is 'sliding towards the sea' - but only at a rate of 14mm a year

23rd March - Today's News: More Cyclones Threaten Australia

22nd March - Today's News: Extreme Weather in Europe Becoming More Frequent?

21st March - Today's News: 4th Nor'Easter in a Month Brings More Snow to Eastern US

19th March - Today's News: Residents Flee to Beach as Wildfire Devastates Australian Coastal Town

17th March - Today's News: Scientists Discover What Steve Is

16th March - Today's News: Heavy Rains Flood Nairobi

15th March - Today's News: Exceptional Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover This Winter

13th March - Today's News: Italian Tornado Injures Eight

12th March - Today's News: Lightning Kills 16 Rwandan Church-goers

10th March - Today's News: Floods Hit North Queensland

8th March - Today's News: Nor'easter Blasts New England

7th March - Today's News: Warmest Recorded Arctic Winter

5th March - Today's News: Snowstorms Across Britain

1st March - Today's News: Widespread Snowstorms Across Britain