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29th September - Today's News: Record Breaking 113f in Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles bakes at record 113 degrees and to make it worse, thousands of LA residents lose power during heatwave.

It's been a bad year for landslides: Landslide buries 30 in north-west Colombia and ITN News have posted on youtube amazing footage of Colombian landslide. In Mexico, it was initially thought that up to a thousand people may have perished in another big landslide, however this morning there's the good news that fewer missing than first feared.

Storm weakened levee holding in Wisconsin whilst in Minnesota, fishy and bizarre mark flood aftermath

After Igor, Canadian officials warn repairs may take months with the military set to install temporary bridge in hurricane-torn town.

Tropical storm is poised to strike Florida Keys, Miami, head for Carolinas

In preparation for the coming winter, Hampshire snow review urges more gritting whilst in Devon Haldon Hill severe weather plan is launched for snow

Bad news for the Highlands and those who love wild views as Sco…

27th September - Today's News: Hot Start to Autumn in the US

After a cool summer it's been a hot start to autumn in California and Southland heat will continue, weather service says and it's been similar across much of the rest of the US as autumn makes late showing, sheds records

In Scotland, however, weather stations report big freeze - well, sort of. Not everywhere was so cold. Good to hear that there was a dusting of snow on the Cairngorms, as I had forecast there might be.

In the wake of TS Matthew, heavy rains spark big floods over Central America

Inventor creates 'submarine' to block typhoons

In Canada, B.C. village of Port Alice hit by massive mudslide while elsewhere on Vancouver Island flood cleanup begins after heavy rains

Mystery of disappearing Martian carbon dioxide solved?

Egyptian desert expedition confirms spectacular meteorite impact

And finally, the latest climate conspiracy to go viral on the internet (though originally reported in the Guardian back in June) is all about global cooling and the new world order - t…

25th September - Today's News: TS Matthew Brings Heavy Rain to C America

Tropical Storm Matthew drenches Central America; thousands evacuated amid flooding fears and whilst Dominica has so far avoided any hurricanes, nonetheless Haiti storm 'kills five' and wrecks quake refugee camp

Were floods in Pak caused by Siachen militarisation? - Pakistan's ambassador to the US has suggested so.

According to official figures, this summer's Japan heatwave hills 170 - which actually doesn't sound very many at all compared with the thousands of deaths attributed to heatwaves in Europe in recent years. Although it seems this number is only those who died soon after arriving in hospital.

South Korea has seen unusual weather in September - including early frosts and a heatwave.

A big Australian dust storm could be weeks away

24th September - Today's News: Flash Flooding in Scotland

Whirlpool weather hits Scotland, or, as The Sun put it, the river's right up my street. As well as heavy persistent rain in Scotland there was a widespread scattering of big thunderstorms yesterday. Except around Evesham where it was dry all day .... as usual. It currently looks like rainfall this month could be less than 50% of average in the Vale, though for much of the country it'll go down as a wet month. And there are signs that autumn could be a wet one generally as well. Though I'm hoping to make a bit of money out of that through a competition being run by Walker's Crisps - £10 every time I pick a spot where it rains! Of course, the wetter it is, the easier it is to win!

In the USA, D.C. area's summer weather named worst of the summer - not because it was cold and wet, but because of record heat and severe thunderstorms. In Britain that'd be classed the best summer weather of all time!

In Delhi, with just over a week before the start of the Comm…

Don't Believe The Blogs!

Earlier this week, Roger Pielke Sr posted a discussion about a new paper by Knox and Douglas on Recent Energy Balance of Earth. This was immediately picked up by some denialist blogs and completely mis-represented, leading to Roger having to make a clear and unequivocable statement on his blog, which I post here in full:
The website Prison Planet has posted Paper: Global Cooling began in 2003 which refers to my weblog post below. I want to emphasize two issues here. First, the data does NOT support a conclusion that the global annual heat content has been declining. It shows a lack of statistically significant warming. Second, and an even more important issue, is that the Knox and Douglas study does NOT ”falsif[y] the entire anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.”Overstatements on all sides of this issue are what is preventing an effective scientific discourse on this subject. I can't agree more which Roger's last comment there. And I post this here as a salutary warning a…

22nd September - Today's News: Spring Storms Continue to Batter NZ

20th Sepetmber - Today's News: Hurricane Igor Hits Bermuda

Bermuda bears brunt of Hurricane Igor - though the storm was probably not quite technically a Cat 1 hurricane as it passed close by the islands. Today, 'Very large' Hurricane Igor moves north of Bermuda.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Karl weakens to storm in south-eastern Mexico - Karl was the first major Atlantic storm to make landfall this season - and in the far east, on Saturday Fanapi makes landfall in eastern Taiwan whilst today Taiwan cleans up as Typhoon Fanapi reaches China

India floods kill 63 people in 2 days while flood threat again looms over Haryana, with Delhi also at risk.

In NZ Southland prepares for next onslaught of snow

And in Australia, torrential rain drenches Qld, cuts roads

18th September - Today's News: Tornadoes Confirmed in NYC

Neighbourhoods saw out after tornado fury - investigators have confirmed that two twisters touched down during the storm that hit New York City on Thursday.

The storm system hitting New Zealand has brought heavy snow and as a stadium collapses in Southland thousands are without power with the fire service inundated as storm moves north. Meanwhile, also resulting from the same system, Australian monster wave heralds huge surf for Sydney

And with winter still packing a punch in the southern hemisphere, is it arriving early in the north? September snow surprises Montana

At Westonbirt arborteum in the Cotswolds there are high hopes for a colourful autumn

Hurricane Karl drenches already soaked Mexico whilst out in the Atlantic, as Hurricane Igor continues towards Bermuda; Julia becomes tropical storm. Igor looks like it may ow be the largest Atlantic hurricane on record with a windfield 690 miles across.

Findings boost hypothesis of deep magma ocean

In Kansas it's official: giant hailston…

17th September - Today's News: Big Storm Hits Tasmania & NZ

A big storm wreaks havoc across New Zealand and the same system has also affected Tasmania where monster cold snap hits State. Though the NZ MetService are not too happy the way that 'massive storm' goes viral online.

And elsewhere in Australia, locusts on the move as plague threatens to ruin winter crops

In the Gulf, Karl becomes 'major' hurricane, closes oil wells whilst out in the Atlantic, Igor is a monster among hurricanes. At one point both Igor and Julia were at Cat 4 - the first time there have been two Cat 4 hurricanes churning the Atlantic at the same time since 1922.

Arctic ice levels 3rd lowest on record

Glaciers help high latitude mountains grow taller

37 US States set nighttime high temperature records this summer

And overall, so far this year 2010 tied with 1998 as warmest global temperature on record - this despite very low solar activity compared with 12 years ago.

Growing La Nina chills out the Pacific

Not really news to some of us, but tornado-casing bec…

15th September - Today's News: Haiti Prepares for Hurricane Igor

Things are hotting up in the Atlantic and Carribean: Julia a Cat 4 hurricane; TS Karl heading for Mexico and forecasters warn conditions are right for more storms in the Gulf. But the immediate concern is the many thousands of Haitians still living in tents after January's big earthquake as Haiti braces for Hurricane Igor. It's not expected to make landfall in Haiti, but track more towards Bermuda. However heavy rain is likely and in Haiti that always means landslides and floods.

In India, Brahmaputra crosses danger mark, Assam flood situation critical

We may not be looking at any snow in Britain for a good while yet - except the odd flurry over the Cairngorms (as fell yesterday), but in Canada Calgarians make the best of it as snow - yes snow - clouds forecasts. And in these case it's a real forecast.

For those looking for a gamble, white christmas betting odds 2010 has London and Dublin looking chilly - though only a fool would take odds this far out of 7/2 for snow to …

13th September - Today's News: Canadian Scientists Censored by Government

A disturbing story from Canada where tightened muzzle on scientists is 'Orwellian'. There may be cases where pre-approval of press statements about contentious current issues might be necessary. But post-glacial geology?!!! Obviously another case of a one-size fits all policy that doesn't actually fit anyone and simply creates the impression - rightly or otherwise - of government supression and fuels the fires of conspiracy theory.

Out in the Atlantic, Igor now a category 4 storm, may strengthen and TS Julia has also now formed. Still no signs of any major storm making landfall though.

Despite flooding in the north of India, Madhya Pradesh on the verge of drought

Not so much spot the error as spot the accurate comment as the Daily Star informs us (based on the prognostications of our friend Mr Powell at PWS) that snow will hit UK in weeks. And, indeed, it will. On the tops of the Cairngorms.

The Weather Club - recently set up by the RMetS to help promote an interest in …

11th September - Today's News: Can We Trust Anything The Media Tell Us?

10th September - Today's News: British Weather Results in Fruitful Autumn

It's been a good year for the fruit in Britain. We've got the tastiest apples in decades as weather brings bumper harvest whilst the cold winter and mixed summer brings in a bumper berry crop too.

169 homes destroyed in Colorado wildfire and today there's a close watch on Colorado wildfire as winds pick up again

Kazakhstan proposes diversion of Siberian rivers to help drought-hit Central Asia - but are they remembering the law of unintended consequences? Russia destroyed the Aral Sea and increased drought in the region by diverting rivers in the 1960s, and a significant decline in fresh water flowing into the Arctic could have more far reaching consequences.

In Australia, Murray on alert for floodwaters but there's one bit of good news from the flooding as Lower Lakes to be joined again.

Meanwhile, UN says Burkina Faso flood victims need emergency aid - did you even know there'd been floods there since July?

There are high hopes in Carmarthenshire for autumn high t…

8th September - Today's News: Iceland Experience Record Heatwave

Iceland experiencing September heatwave
The Icelandic Met Office has recorded temperatures over 20 degrees centigrade every day of September so far – which is totally unprecedented since temperature records began. Meteorologist Trausti Jonsson says that the temperature was as high as 24 degrees in much of northern Iceland on Saturday.Never, since records began, has the warmest day of the year arrived so late. September is considered an autumn month by most in Iceland – and the seasons often change as early as mid August. July is usually the warmest month in Iceland; and this July was considered particularly pleasant, making the September heat record even more notable.Hermine comes ashore in Mexico as tropical storm after which Hermine's remnants heading north. Still no major Atlantic hurricanes have made landfall this season. Of course Hermine's rains didn't help as hundreds of thousands hit by Mexico flooding whilst rain stops search for Guatemala mudslide victims

High w…

6th September - Today's News: Severe Floods, Gales Hit Australia

Gale force winds smash NSW coast at the weekend, and today storm hit areas of NSW declared disaster zone. And in Victoria, floods worst in decade and still to peak with floods, landslides, chaos across State.

In the New Zealand earthquake: ground moved by 11ft whilst elsewhere in the country lambs drown as rain floods farmland.

Atlantic Canada recovering from Earl

Mudslides kill at least 38 as bus is buried in Guatemalan storms

Here in Britain there's apparently no chance of an Indian Summer as Autumn rain sets in - yes, it looks like being a wet, unsettled, week; but no it does not mean we won't get an Indian summer in late October or November ..... !

And worrying news for schoolkids as the wet August means Britain could face conker shortage!

Tropical storm Malou churns towards South Korea as typhoon warning issued

In wake of Earl, US eyes other potential storms - with Hermine now declared a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico

Japan's record hot summer isn't over yet: Kyoto bake…

4th September - Today's News: 7.1 Mag Earthquake Hits Christchuch, NZ

Breaking news overnight was the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck near Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island. Fortunately no serious injuries but plenty of damage. It was the strongest 'quake to hit New Zealand since the Hawkes Bay earthquake of 1931.

Strong earthquake rocks New Zealand's South Island

Locals leave quake-hit Christchurch

Latest news


Readers describe the big quake

Facts & Figures

Fortunately for this with damaged properties, spring is coming - let's hope it's a mild, dry one - but for now weather the next threat after earthquake.

Other news:

In San Francisco, end of 'summer' near, more odd weather on the way

In Australia wild weather sweeps four States and Victoria braces for more flooding with the army called in to assist flooding.

Earl weakens to tropical storms as it passes US coast

Russia suffers new forest fire outbreak

And with the Amazon river already extremely low, there is concern now that Amazon may be headed for another ba…

3rd September - Today's News: Typhoon Kompasu Hits Seoul

Typhoon Kompasu hits South Korean capital Seoul whilst Typhoon Lionrock makes landfall at E China's Fujian

Meanwhile, Hurricane Earl weakens as it nears US East Coast but with Fiona on its heels, and Gaston also now formed, it looks like the predicted busy hurricane season is finally underway.

Amazon river in Peru at 40 year low - let's hope the wet season arrives soon.

It was reported earlier this week that Japan had had it's hottest August since 1946, and now the Japanese Met Agency have confirmed that overall their summer this year was the warmest since records began in 1898. Unfortunately, their actual news release is in Japanese .... But I'm sure you can get the gist!

There was another tornado of fire spotted in Hawaii a few days ago

Don't get too excited, but snow way: the first fall of the season - the Cairngorms saw their first snow showers of the autumn last weekend (as was predicted) and meanwhile, some snow patches hang on in the Cairngorms from last wint…