8th September - Today's News: Iceland Experience Record Heatwave

Iceland experiencing September heatwave
The Icelandic Met Office has recorded temperatures over 20 degrees centigrade every day of September so far – which is totally unprecedented since temperature records began. Meteorologist Trausti Jonsson says that the temperature was as high as 24 degrees in much of northern Iceland on Saturday.
Never, since records began, has the warmest day of the year arrived so late. September is considered an autumn month by most in Iceland – and the seasons often change as early as mid August. July is usually the warmest month in Iceland; and this July was considered particularly pleasant, making the September heat record even more notable.
Hermine comes ashore in Mexico as tropical storm after which Hermine's remnants heading north. Still no major Atlantic hurricanes have made landfall this season. Of course Hermine's rains didn't help as hundreds of thousands hit by Mexico flooding whilst rain stops search for Guatemala mudslide victims

High winds sink boats amid Scottish weather problems and there was an amazing escape after storm sweeps van into Arbroath harbour

After heavy rain on Monday, farms, roads and caravan park flooded in Fermanagh

Floods threaten hundreds more Australian homes

Irrigation's cooling effects may mask warming in some regions

Melting rate of icecaps in Greenland and West Antarctica lower than expected - which means sea levels won't raise as quickly as predicted. Or possibly they will. Depends which week's sea level rise prediction you look at!

Woolly mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and reindeer lived on Iberian peninsular 150,000 years ago

The forest paradox during heatwaves - they can actually cool less than grasslands

In a rare case of "well it's blamed for everything else, but not this" climate shifts 'not to blame' for African civil wars

In Japan, nation's highest temperature for September may have been incorrect

The Prince of Wales begins project to protect area of rainforest the size of Wales. Every little helps! Meanwhile, drought, wildfires put Brazil under environmental emergency - will there be any rainforest left to protect?!

Sleepless nights as aftershocks terrorise NZ and here in Britain experts confirm earthquake near Carlisle ...... of magnitude 0.8!

In Indonesia, Mount Sinabung volcano spews massive ash cloud - not a big explosive eruption yet, but if it produces one it could be Pinatubo all over again. Stay tuned!


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