29th September - Today's News: Record Breaking 113f in Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles bakes at record 113 degrees and to make it worse, thousands of LA residents lose power during heatwave.

It's been a bad year for landslides: Landslide buries 30 in north-west Colombia and ITN News have posted on youtube amazing footage of Colombian landslide. In Mexico, it was initially thought that up to a thousand people may have perished in another big landslide, however this morning there's the good news that fewer missing than first feared.

Storm weakened levee holding in Wisconsin whilst in Minnesota, fishy and bizarre mark flood aftermath

After Igor, Canadian officials warn repairs may take months with the military set to install temporary bridge in hurricane-torn town.

Tropical storm is poised to strike Florida Keys, Miami, head for Carolinas

In preparation for the coming winter, Hampshire snow review urges more gritting whilst in Devon Haldon Hill severe weather plan is launched for snow

Bad news for the Highlands and those who love wild views as Scottish Power rejects underground power line move. Of course the real story here is that the new power lines are only needed to carry electricity from mega windfarms in the far northwest down to the Central Belt and were only proposed in response to the planned - and subsequently rejected - Lewis project. However, once the lines are up there will be fresh impetus to build windfarms in order to justify them ..... I'm intrigued to see how shrubs will mask 200 foot high pylons!

September snow in Cairngorms could be signal of another bitter winter. Hopefully those forecasting such will be assessed by Roger Harrabin, Paul Hardaker and team as BBC News launches The Weather Project. We'll be watching the progress of this with great interest. As a side note, I'm pleased to see a subsidary arm of my old employer Willis are also involved.

Tornado weaves through festival
on Darling Downs in Queensland - note the Aussies still persist on the irrational prefix 'mini'!

More than one fifth of world's plants face threat of extinction

Did volcanoes really kill off the Neanderthals? No seems to be the answer, though they may have been a contributing factor. Are some finally waking up to the idea that big changes and events usually have multiple, complex causes and it's rarely an either/or situation?

A useful summary of the remarkable summer of 2010 from Christopher Burt on Wunderground.

Totally off topic, but I am saddened to see that two die in Highland loch crash - the loch in question being Loch Eilt on whose shores stands Essan.


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