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29th September - Today's News: Severe Weather Continues in Black-out Hit South Australia

28th Septrember - Today's News: Storm Cuts Power to Whole of South Australia

27th September Today's News: Third Typhoon This Month Hits Taiwan

Typhoon Megi: Taiwan hit by third major storm this month; at least 30 injured, thousands evacuated
Meteor described as 'mini sun' streaks over central Queensland
WA's cold September continues with snow in Albany
Disturbing new pictures show the raging Siberian wildfires that (officially) do not exist A new climate change study accused of erring on rising temperature predictions - not by sceptics or deniers, but by Gavin Schmidt (amongst others) ....  The prediction is deemed too high.
Hubble spots possible water plumes erupting on Jupiter's moon Europa
And just wait till Nathan Rao sees this!   The latest Met Office Contingency Planners Report predicts that weather patterns through November and December will most likely result in colder than average weather for Britain.  Although this is no guarantee, and it this does not mean it will be a cold winter overall, nor snow at Christmas.   But it probably won't be as mild as last winter!   Expect more sensational snowmagge…

26th September - Today's News: Flooding Around the World

24th September - Today's News: Hull to Feature on all BBC Weather Maps

23rd September - Today's News: Forbes, NSW, Braces For Major Flood

NSW weather: Forbes braces for major flood as rivers rise
In Minnesota another 200-year flood event: Wettest year on record so far
It's been the hottest summer on record for two of Canada's largest cities
Video footage as freak Crete 'tornado' caught on film whilst some waterspouts caught on camera off the Var coast in France
Dry tropical forests 'overlooked and under threat'
And a record concentration of woolly mammoth bones in Russia is found in Novosibirsk region (catastrophists note: not only do the bones date across a range of thousands of years, but many were gnawed on by predators after death.   No cataclym here!)

22nd September - Today's News: Antarctic Sea Ice Falls to Record Lows

Antarctic sea ice at record lows two years after record high
Meanwhile, Greenland ice is melting seven percent faster than previously thought
Snow arrives early west of Calgary in Banff, Lake Louise areas - and it's forecast we could see the first snow fall on the Scottish hills in the next few days, somewhat later than some recent years when it's arrived in late August
A rare jellyfish-shaped sprite lightning flashes above storm clouds
And at least one regional media outlet has realised that national tabloid weather stories are not entirely to be relied upon: Another heatwave forecast, so Cornwall will probably get cloud, rain and wind

21st September - Today's News: August Sets 16th Straight Temperature Record

20th September - Today's News: Typhoon Malakas Hits Southern Japan

17th September - Today's News: World's Longest Lightning

16th September - Today's News: Thunderstorms, Flooding Disrupt SE England

As usual, the Daily Fail forgets that Britain extends beyond the Home Counties (or that it normally gets a bit cooler at night!)  .... Flash floods, lightning and landslides hit UK overnight causing chaos for commuters this morning.  Needless to say, nothing at all in Evesham, though  light shower on the way in to work this morning may have produced nearly 0.01mm .....  And I did see a flash of lightning away to the SE around dawn.  And no prizes for guessing which paper is, bizarrely, claiming it's all down to ex-Tropical Storm Ian (currently positioned in the Atlantic off Newfoundland!).....
In China, the most powerful typhoon since 1949 batters Fujian with the latest reports that typhoon kills at least 11 in southeast China; another on the way
Pacific Ocean’s response to greenhouse gases could extend California drought for centuries
Evidence found that some ancient Mars lakes formed long after others

15th September - Today's News: Typhoon Meranti Hit Taiwan, China

14th September - Today's News: Record Heat and Storms Hit Britain

Yesterday saw the highest temperature recorded this year (although there are some questions over the veracity of the Gravesend reading as it peak quite a bit higher than the hourly synop readings) and some big thunderstorms affecting some parts of England as millions suffer a sticky night in the South East after the hottest day of the year and a (probable) tornado touches down in Yorkshire as storms rage across region.   In the West Midlands, lightning and heavy rain bring travel misery as storm hits region whilst down in the SW, Cornwall hit by flash flooding after storms and this morning a bizarre lightning storm blasts Plymouth in early hours.  There were a few rumbles of thunder around Evesham and just enough rain to dampen the ground.   But I have yet to see an lightning or experience an overhead storm this year. 
Wild storms continue to batter Australia with homes flooded, children trapped at school as SA floods and in Victoria 'uncertain' times ahead for towns on swell…

13th September - Today's News: Super Typhoon Meranti Approaches Taiwan

Super Typhoon Meranti powers-up before landfall in Taiwan
There are health warnings as September heats up in UK - although I am more interested in some thunderstorms pushing up from the Channel Islands.  They are current on course to almost exactly miss Evesham ....
​Mali gears up for its highest level of flooding in the Inner Niger Delta in 50 years
According to NASA data, August ties July as hottest month ever on record
And it seems we no longer need to go to the Yucatan to find a massive impact crater.  There may be one right here in northern Scotland!  Asteroid that slammed into Earth 1.2 billion years ago may have been bigger than the one that killed off the dinosaurs.  And the epicentre was Lairg.

12th September - Today's News: N Korean Flood Toll Rises

N. Korea flood death toll rises to 133 with 395 missing: UN
Trees ripped down from storms crush cars, damage homes in Massachusetts on Sunday whilst four tornadoes tear through Illinois within an hour, destroying several homes
Record warm weather in Czech Republic continues with record heat predicted for parts of Britain and western Europe in the next few days as well.
Tanzania earthquake kills 13 and injures more than 200
Huge Tibetan cloud seeding scheme launched in bid to create more rain for China’s arid north - and it's not just some scienctist who think it's all a huge waste of money ....
Something I have to admit to havfing been actively involved in over the weekend .... row erupts over future of mountain weather forecasts
And Iain Cameron has been clambouring about to see the summer snow cathedrals of Ben Nevis - in pictures - no signs of the first autumn snows as yet though.  They are late this year.

10th September - Today's News: Antarctic Snowfall to Counter Rising Seas?

9th September - Today's News: A 10th of World's Wilderness Lost in 2 Decades

The weather hits Spanish football: La Liga games could be postponed because of heatwave
Whilst generally it's been a hot summer in the US, San Francisco had its coldest August days in 74 years. It didn’t climb above 70 once
 In Victoria, Coleraine flooded, BoM warns of more heavy rain
In NZ, weather traps Wellington students on Mt Ruapehu
And a study by Australian scientists finds that a tenth of the world's wilderness lost since the 1990s What would the world be once bereft.  Of wet and of wildness?  Let them be left ....

8th September - Today's News: 4 Dead in Greek Flash Floods

7th September - Today's News: At Least 60 Dead in N Korean Floods

North Korea says 60 dead, 25 missing after flood and pictures of more flooding in Siberia from a week ago as Typhoon Lionrock hits Russian Pacific rim

Northern Ireland saw a new record high overnight temperature for September whilst here in Evesham the midnight to midnight temp yesterday failed to drop below 17.8c making it one of my warmest such periods on record.  I have recorded higher overnight mins this year though.

Mexico's Hurricane Newton: Two die at sea whilst it's suggested that Hurricane Hermine’s flood damage was ramped up by climate change - certainly higher sea levels will mean such storms have a greater impact on coastal communities.

In NZ, fierce winds cut power, topple trees as wild weather moves north

Jupiter's north pole unlike anything encountered in solar system

6th September - Today's News: Hurricane Hermine Hits Florida

1st September - Today's News: Typhoon Lionrock Brings Deadly Floods to Japan