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30th December - Today's News: Storm Frank Batters British Isles

Eire has been badly hit by Storm Frank: 'It's like a war zone' - women with children rescued from cars as towns devastated throughout the country
600 without power as Northern Ireland is paralysed by fearsome 78mph gales
Storm Frank: Thousands without power as Scotland battered
North Wales hit by Storm Frank as bad weather onslaught continues
And it's not just us affected as 'freak' Iceland weather bomb sets up Arctic for extreme heat
Captured on CCTV,  ancient Yorkshire bridge collapses in the floods in Tadcaster
Meanwhile, floods unleash unprecedented criticism - but the question remains: how much money does it take to stop it raining - which remains the only way of preventing floods like this occurring .....   Next month could see southern England in the line for heavy rain and possibly flooding down here too.
And whilst it is questionable how much it has affected the weather in Britain, around the world El Nino weather: Worries grow over humanitarian impact

29th December - Today's News: At Least 47 Dead in US Christmas Storms

The wine bar with water half way up its windows! The stark images of flood-hit Britons battling to save their property… as 'nightmare' flooding hits York after rivers overflow - all thanks  to record breaking December rainfall - and there is more on the way as Storm Frank threatens more misery.  
What exactly the government are meant to do to stop such rain has yet to be explained by those demanding action ....   Meanwhile, so far as I am aware, not one single person in Britain is literally homeless (living in a makeshift shelter on the streets), a scene all too common however when floods occur elsewhere in the world.
Also, no-one has died in Britain.    In the US there are 47 now dead - including a 7-year-old boy and a mother who was on Facetime with her husband when he watched her get swept away by a tornado meaning that  whilst

26th December - Todays News: Christmas Tornadoes, Floods & Wildfires

24th December - Today's News: 6 Dead in US Tornado Outbreak

23rd December - Today's News: More Flooding Hits Cumbria

22nd December - Today's News: Polar Stratospheric Clouds Photographed over Norway

21st December - Today's News: December High Temperature Records in Europe, NZ

19th December - Today's News: Record Heat in South Australian Heatwave

18th December - Today's News: Mild Forecast Dashes Hopes of a White Christmas

16th December - Today's News: "Strongest Ever" Tornado Strikes Sydney Suburb

15th December - Today's News: Four Dead as Typhoon Melor Hits Philppines

14th December - Today's News: Evacuations in Philippines as Typhoon Melor Approaches

12th December - Today's News: Global Waming Makes the Day Longer

11th December - Today's News: More Flooding in Cumbria

9th December - Today's News: Arabia Freezes Over

8th December - Today's News: UK Rainfall Records Broken by Storm Desmond

7th December - Storm Desmond Creates Britain's Highest Waterfall Amid Major Flooding

5th December - Today's News: Storm Desmond Brings Major Flood Fears

2,000 without power and flights diverted as Storm Desmond, hits Ireland, but with some Highland rivers reported to have reached record levels, flood warnings issued as Storm Desmond brings heavy winds and rain across Scotland.   More rain in northern England too with Cumbria hit by flooding after heavy rain yesterday, before this lastest round.
Blizzardy Buffalo turns balmy, breaks 116-year record for no snow
Heavy snow halts daily life across Turkey
In southern India, power supply restored as Chennai floodwaters recede
Headlines claim Vikings were not spurred to Greenland by warm weather, research shows - but that is a media assumption   The research shows glacial extent was unchanged.   This is not necessarily a proxy for temperature.  

And New Horizons: Sharpest images of Pluto's surface are quite amazing

4th December - Today's News: Britain's Dullest Ever November

2nd December - Today's News: Floods Worsen Again in Southern India

1st December - Today's News: Damage as Storm Gorm (ex Clodagh) Hits Sweden

30th November - Today's News: Storm Clodagh Batters Britain, Ireland & Demark

28th November - Today's News: Record November Snow in Sappora

27th November - Today's News: Flooding in Qatar, Saudi Arabia after Record Rain

Floating cars, people in boats: Havoc as Qatar, Saudi Arabia ravaged by heavy rains - with record rainfall in Doha.
The Daily Star is clearly aiming for the most misleading weather headline of the year award, claiming snow chaos: 100mph Storm Clodagh to strike UK on Black Friday ahead of -14C Xmas freeze.  I am not sure how many shops they think there are on the summit of Ben Nevis.  And in any case it will be windy but Storm Clodagh looks unlikely this weekend.   It's obviously far to early to say what the weather will be like at Christmas, but it looks unsettled through till mid December.    
And with fresh snow now falling and settling in for the winter, we had the most snow patches counted in Scotland's hills since 1994 this year.

Flights cancelled as 144km/h winds slam Wellington
Man films narrow bushfire escape in South Australia
Lakes espanding 'dangerously' in Everest glacier
NASA's Operation IceBridge completes twin polar campaigns (with the usual suspects ign…

25th November - Today's News: 2015 to be Warmest Year on Record

24th November - Today's News: Storms in Queensland

Severe southern Queensland storms damage homes, crops; lightning lights up skies over Brisbane and that's not all in Australia's bizarre weather: More scorching temperatures for NSW, Queensland is battered by hail and Tasmania braces for snow and bushfires
Chicago sees snowiest ‘first storm’ on record; Midwest snowfall totals up to 19 inches
Here, a stunning sunrise as experts predict coldest winter for a century (by "experts" they mean bookies drumming up trade .... )
Over the weekend,  the first snow of the winter season causing problems in Croatia
Something I have been warning about for many years, though it hadn't occurred it me it would be found in salt as well as seafood:  the hidden plastic lurking in your food: Hundreds of tiny micro beads have been found in sea salt - and we swallow 1,000 every year - as I have said before, it is the "micro-plastic" layer in the Earth's rocks that in millions of years time will truely mark the anthropocene.

23rd November - Today's News: Cold Weather Sets in Across Northern Hemisphere

21st November - Today's News: First Lowland Snow for England

20th November - Today's News: Hottest Ever October as El Nino Strengthens

18th November - Today's News: Windstorms Hit Britain & NW USA

It was a breezy evening, but nothing special here - although I did see a wheelly bin blown over on my work into work this morning ....  but after Storm Barney: Thousands still without power after 85mph winds whilst trees down on rail lines in and out of Birmingham cause delays and a tree crashes on Didcot houses

Meanwhile, as it crosses the Channel, the storm changes names as storm 'Heini' bears down on Germany
In the US, three dead, at least 1 million without power in destructive Northwest windstorm
WA bushfires: German backpackers, farmer believed killed in Esperance blaze
Torrential rain wreaks havoc in Jeddah and Makkah
 In Taiwan, record-high November temperatures show few signs of winter
Glacier on Tibetan plateau retreating at a faster rate since the 1990s
2015 shatters the temperature record as global warming speeds back up - helps of course by a record El Nino.  The real question is whether we get a following La Nina and how warm it is then.  
Melting Scandinavian ice p…

17th November - Today's News: Rare Winter Floods Hit Central China

16th November - Today's News: Floods Hit Northern England & Wales

14th November - Today's News: First Snow Falls on British Roads

Winter is here!   Snow covers A9 as Storm Abigail grips - in fact the snow has fallen in a colder northwesterly airflow that has followed on behind Abigail, which as expected had little impact.  And also as predicted for several days now, life-threatening floods forecast as tail of Hurricane Kate hits Britain over the weekend.   No doubt this will be the main story in Monday.
Unravelling the mystery of Spain's 'blood rain': Bizarre phenomenon was caused by 'stressed out' algae - but experts have no idea how it got there
This is actually nothing new, as the tsunami has been well known for many years - indeed, it may have been the final nail in the coffin of Doggerland and even given rise to some legends of drowned lands, but looks like there's been fresh research on the impacts in Denmark as tsunami devastated Europe 8,150 years ago
The World's 10 most dangerous volcanoes identified 
And who wants to live on an alien planet battered by 5,400mph winds?

13th November - Today's News: Storm Abigail Hits NW Britain; ex-Kate to Come

Storm Abigail; Power cuts, schools closed and ferries cancelled, but most of the UK unaffected and for northwest Scotland this was, of course, not in any way an exceptional storm, just the first of many this season.  Heavy more strong winds and particularly some heavy rain to come this weekend as the remnants of ex-Hurricane Kate arrive.
But did Storm Abigail open mystery portal to another dimension on eve of Friday 13?   Well, of course, no other possible explanation ..... !
More seriously, climber who had to be rescued as he tried to climb Ben Nevis during Storm Abigail blasted as 'irresponsible' and I agree.  But well done the volunteers from Lochaber MRT!

Meanwhile, whilst it's a little more seasonal here today, much of Europe basks in record November temperatures - although the Jungfrau temperature 'record' a mistake.
Two killed in flood in Turkey's northeastern Artvin Province
In the US,  fast-moving storm system sweeps across the Midwest causing semitraile…

11th November - Today's News: Cyclone Megh Hits Yemen

Cyclone Megh makes landfall in Yemen, kills 14 on island of Socotra
Storm Abigail:  First of Met Office's names storms to batter Scotland, well the far north and west of  Scotland ....  Ironically far more people will be affected by heavy rain and strong winds - gales in the south even - over the weekend as the remnants of Hurricane Kate get swept up by the jet stream.

And indeed, earlier, Hurricane Kate becomes fourth hurricane of the 2015 Atlantic season
In NI, more records fall during unseasonably warm November with Murlough recording both the warmest ever night and the highest date temperature (18.5c) yesterday
Reno, Nevada plastered by freak heavy snow event
How India, China and the US welcomed first autumn snow
Borneo burning: Satellite image reveals extent of thick smoke
Geophysics could slow Antarctic ice retreat
Not for the first time (I recall a similar story from some years ago) hidden ancient river network that once flowed through the Sahara is revealed by satellite ima…