13th November - Today's News: Storm Abigail Hits NW Britain; ex-Kate to Come

Storm Abigail; Power cuts, schools closed and ferries cancelled, but most of the UK unaffected and for northwest Scotland this was, of course, not in any way an exceptional storm, just the first of many this season.  Heavy more strong winds and particularly some heavy rain to come this weekend as the remnants of ex-Hurricane Kate arrive.

But did Storm Abigail open mystery portal to another dimension on eve of Friday 13?   Well, of course, no other possible explanation ..... !

More seriously, climber who had to be rescued as he tried to climb Ben Nevis during Storm Abigail blasted as 'irresponsible' and I agree.  But well done the volunteers from Lochaber MRT!

Meanwhile, whilst it's a little more seasonal here today, much of Europe basks in record November temperatures - although the Jungfrau temperature 'record' a mistake.

One I missed last month: pollution could buy an extra decade of Arctic sea ice - of greater note that is that aerosols - from human industrial pollution and forest fires - have mitigated 60% of the warming that would otherwise have occurred in the Arctic ....    Meanwhile, the USGS find that Arctic tundra fire causes widepread permafrost landscape changes.  And concerns that a massive northeast Greenland glacier is rapidly melting with implications for sea level rises

And they have shrunk so much that four Norway glaciers 'too small to meaure'

And nice to see the BBC pick up my friend Neil Reid's quite justified rant, expressing anger at 'absolute filth' in Scotland's mountains


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