3rd November - Today's News: Floods Kill 4 in Spain After "Severest Storm in 2 Decades"

Just dull and grey here, but fog disrupts flights at UK airports for third day, whilst yesterday Trawsgoed continued it's record warmth with a mx of 22.3c.  And a balmy start to November sees record temperatures in Eire too with 20.1c in Co Kerry on Sunday.

In parts of South Africa, snow hits as SA slides towards summer?

Latest models predict less ice, more water in Arctic by 2050 in what appears to be a more realistic forecast that the occasional individual's predictions that the Arctic could be ice free by whenever.

Was prehistoric man responsible for the extinction of Australia's massive animals?   As elsewhere, almost certainly a contributory factor, almost certainly not the only factor.  In my opinion.

And  signs of acid fog found on Mars 


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