6th November - Today's News: Britain on Alert as Normal November Weather Expected ....

Warm weather brough Scotland 'rare third midge hatch' - but there were less midges over all thanks to a cool spring. 

Climate change is moving mountains!  Is there nothing it cannot do?!

Global warming caused fourteen extreme weather events last year and affected every continent but Alaska, researchers reveal, although I am with Kevin Trenberth who, quite rightly, is quoted at the end of the article as saying that whilst we have affected the climate, it's "seriously misguided" to attribute any specific event to AGW.

NASA mission reveals speed of solar wind stripping Martian atmosphere  (some media reports infer that it has only now been discovered how Mars lost it's atmosphere, but in fact it has long been assumed that it was stripped by the solar wind after Mars' core cooled and the planet lost its magnetic field)

British scientists discover molten iron clouds on distant sunless star

And more nonsense from the gutter press, as we're told to beware Storm Abigail: Britain to be smashed by worst storm for a year this weekend - but is the first officially named storm heading towards our shores?  No.   And this highlights just how silly it is to have named storms here when most of our wet and windy weather does not originate from any one specific storm system.  Just a strong southwesterly airflow.   And whilst it will indeed be wet and windy in places, with gales in some exposed parts, it's just normal November weather and certainly not the worst for a year.  Though maybe the worst since September ...   And the least said about the "worst winter in five years" on the way, the better.   Though I suppose it is an improvement on the worst winter for 50 or 100 years ...


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