9th November - Today's News: World Now 1c Warmer Than Pre-Industrial Level

Global warming set to breach 1c threshold: 2015 is set to be the first year to be more than 1c higher than the "pre-industrial" average for the period 1850-1900.

Darwin swelters as heatwave grips Top End with some parts experiencing their highest ever recorded temperature

And oh dear, the Express plumbs new depths, falsely claiming that Britain's worst storm in 144 years confirmed ...    A story that appears to be based on a total misunderstanding of the latest contingency planner's report  which simply suggests a positive NAO (El Nino being one of several factors leading to this) and consequently a milder, but perhaps wetter and windier winter than average.  

Meanwhile, the public will be even more confused when the Met Office decides a storm deserves naming, having already been told by numerous outlets that the wet and windy weather over the weekend was "storm Abigail".  It wasn't.


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