18th November - Today's News: Windstorms Hit Britain & NW USA

It was a breezy evening, but nothing special here - although I did see a wheelly bin blown over on my work into work this morning ....  but after Storm Barney: Thousands still without power after 85mph winds whilst trees down on rail lines in and out of Birmingham cause delays and a tree crashes on Didcot houses

Meanwhile, as it crosses the Channel, the storm changes names as storm 'Heini' bears down on Germany

Glacier on Tibetan plateau retreating at a faster rate since the 1990s

2015 shatters the temperature record as global warming speeds back up - helps of course by a record El Nino.  The real question is whether we get a following La Nina and how warm it is then.  

And in contradiction to the claims of some so-called sceptics, Earth's climate more sensitive to carbon dioxide than previously throught  (possibly ...)


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