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30th January - Today's News: Nacreous Clouds Spotted Over Scotland

29th January - Today's News: Storms Hit Scotland and Australia

27th January - Today's News: Geelong Streets Turn to Raging Rivers After Storm

26th January - Today's News: US Snowstorm Deaths Rise to 41

25th January - Today's News: Deadly Cold & Snow in US and East Asia

US blizzard 2016: Clearing up after huge snowstorm but with at least 30 killed in snowstorm-related deaths  it's likely Jonas fall-out will last for days.  And it wasn't just the cold and snow that caused problems as the Mid-Atlantic coastline flooded by blizzard’s storm surge.
Meanwhile, East Asia cold snap 'kills 85 in Taiwan'  in Hong Kong record low temperatures close schools, hospitalise 45, injure 111, trap 130 on Kowloon Peak whilst there were 5 dead, over 100 injured due to snow, severe weather in Japan and in Thailand bitter cold snap grips northern provinces.
And Jerusalem braces for snowfall as winter storm intensifies
Here in Britain it was the mildest January 24th on record ....   The remnants of "Jonas" are expected to bring more wet and windy weather here on Tuesday, ushering in a spell of very unsettled weather that looks likely to result in further flooding ....
In Australia, hail storm batters Canberra as emergency crews receive 350 calls fo…

23rd January - Today's News: Major Snowstorm Hits Eastern USA

22nd January - Today's News: 2015 Confirmed Warmest on Record

20th January - Today's News: Vladivostock Gets Six Weeks of Snow in Two Days

Six weeks of snow hits Vladivostok in two days - mind, if we had 6 weeks worth of snow in two days in Evesham there would be exactly 0.00mm of snow cover ..... !   We do at least have a second consecutive frosty day after the temp fell to -3.9c overnight.   

Pembrokeshire village of Eglwyswrw falls just short of record rainfall as dry weather moves in

In Australia, WA town of Gnowangerup flooded as heavy rains fall

And Thailand to drill 4,300 wells as drought hits hard

19th January - Today's News: Ice Pancakes in the Highlands

Ice Pancakes anyone? …These are normally seen in the Arctic – but today they’re in the Highlands
This winter's lowest temperature recorded in Kinbrace with -12.4c (unconfirmed reports suggest the actual fugure may have been -12.7c) and it even dropped to -2.9c in my garden: still some way off my normal lowest winter temp though.   But nice to have a bright, crisp, frosty morning at last! Sad news from Glen Coe as the MRT loses one of their own in an avalanche at the weekend. Simon Davidson and Joe Smith who died in Glen Coe were 'skilled' climbers - just in the wrong place at the wrong time.   A risk we all take.
And here's how snow is causing chaos for Swedish travellers
In Luxembourg at the weekend, roads closed as trees collapse under snow
Cold weather and snow return to Turkey
Hurricane Alex may have done 'winter haters' a favor
El Niño's effect on the US is 'just beginning' forecasters warn as they reveal its impact on weather systems around the w…

18th January - Today's News: Severe Snowstorm Hits Bulgaria, Romania

16th January - Today's News: 81 Days of Rain?

15th January - Today's News: Hurricane Alex Forms in Atlantic

13th January - Today's News: Moscow Finally Gets First Snowstorm of Winter

12th December - Today's News: Hail, Hair-ice and "Tornadoes" in Britain

Shock!  Horror! Hailstones the size of marbles hit Britain - although most appear to be the size of a pea and, in any case, such hail is as rare in Britain as a hen's egg ...   Of more interest, Rare 'hair ice' discovered in Bracklinn Woods near Callendar. Meanwhile, Maidenhead 'tornado' causes damage to buildings, and a Tesco van blown over by "mini-tornado" in south Wales.  In Evesham there was some drizzle .... 
Annual perihelion event compounding heatwave across Australia - or, why the southern hemisphere can always have warmer summers than the north, due to the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit.  Just waiting now for someone to claim we didn't have record cold and snow this week (as some idiots predicted) because the Earth has gotten too close to the Sun .... Sundogs come out to play in cold winter air across the US Midwest
Car parked by Lake Erie is frozen solid after waves spilled over and covered it with a thick layer of ice
Did clean air la…

11th January - Today's News: Record Snowfall in Finland

9th January - Today's News: Snow Disruption Follows Scottish Floods

Scotland flooding: Record high for river levels with north-east Scotland warned of risk of further flood damagethis week - more rain is on the way - whilst in the southwest, routes blocked as snow strikes in Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.   Meanwhile, there remains a great deal of uncertainty as to whether the south will see any particularly cold weather or snow this month, despite the usual disingenuous and dangerously misleading claims in the media ....
Flash floods hit Kosovo as snow melts while the army joins flood relief efforts in Albania
Several missing after Australian bushfire
Rare tropical cyclone activity blossoms from the Pacific to the Atlantic
And what has New Horizons spotted on Pluto?  Surely not a Mi-go?!!!

8th January - Today's News: More Floods After Record Rain in NE Scotland

Scotland flooding: Homes evacuated and travel disrupted - some places in Aberdeenshire have already recieved record January rainfall after just one week, and there is more rain to come this weekend before things hopefully ease off next week.
Even East Anglia has been hit with a plea for motorists to drive carefully following day of flooding across the region
A sensible idea, farmers in England could be paid to let land flood.  A contributory factor to flooding in some areas is improved drainage of agricultural land .... 
Cyprus recovering from freak storm
Chilly Sweden brrr-eaks another winter record with the lowest January temperature since 1999
Light pillars: rare light phenomemon spotted in Oslo skies
Mudslides, flooding reported as storms drench California whilst Washington
Australia Waroona fire threatens more towns after devastating Yarloop as Yarloop blaze creates own weather system, causing further grief for WA firefighter…

6th January - Today's News: Record Rain, Floods in NSW

5th January - Today's News: Winter Arrives in Europe

4th January - Today's News: 24 Dead in US Midwest Floods

2nd January - Today's News: "Storm Frank" Raises North Pole Temperature Above Freezing

Freak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point - another consequence of 'Frank' ...
Meanwhile here, Storm Frank: A day of total chaos in the north-east of Scotland on Wednesday with homes evacuated and power cuts as Storm Frank hits UK . And the latest update on Storm Frank: Second man dies in Scotland - though both victims though were kayakers who deliberately chose to go out into swollen rivers.
So what have we done to make the flooding worse?   On the dedging note, it's worth saying that this only applies to lowland rivers and apart from the York area, most of the worst flooding so far has been in association with upland rivers that are not, and cannot, be dredged (unless we start blowing up the bedrock!)
And mild, wet December breaks Met Office records - though here it was only the wettest December since 2012, but by far the warmest December on record.   2015 has also been m,y second dries year, although my records for rainfall only go back to 2…