12th December - Today's News: Hail, Hair-ice and "Tornadoes" in Britain

Shock!  Horror! Hailstones the size of marbles hit Britain - although most appear to be the size of a pea and, in any case, such hail is as rare in Britain as a hen's egg ...   Of more interest, Rare 'hair ice' discovered in Bracklinn Woods near Callendar. Meanwhile, Maidenhead 'tornado' causes damage to buildings, and a Tesco van blown over by "mini-tornado" in south Wales.  In Evesham there was some drizzle .... 

Annual perihelion event compounding heatwave across Australia - or, why the southern hemisphere can always have warmer summers than the north, due to the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit.  Just waiting now for someone to claim we didn't have record cold and snow this week (as some idiots predicted) because the Earth has gotten too close to the Sun ....


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