2nd January - Today's News: "Storm Frank" Raises North Pole Temperature Above Freezing

Meanwhile here, Storm Frank: A day of total chaos in the north-east of Scotland on Wednesday with homes evacuated and power cuts as Storm Frank hits UK . And the latest update on Storm Frank: Second man dies in Scotland - though both victims though were kayakers who deliberately chose to go out into swollen rivers.

So what have we done to make the flooding worse?   On the dedging note, it's worth saying that this only applies to lowland rivers and apart from the York area, most of the worst flooding so far has been in association with upland rivers that are not, and cannot, be dredged (unless we start blowing up the bedrock!)

And mild, wet December breaks Met Office records - though here it was only the wettest December since 2012, but by far the warmest December on record.   2015 has also been m,y second dries year, although my records for rainfall only go back to 2007.

And there may be worse to come:  El Nino weather 'could be as bad as 1998', says NASA


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