19th January - Today's News: Ice Pancakes in the Highlands

This winter's lowest temperature recorded in Kinbrace with -12.4c (unconfirmed reports suggest the actual fugure may have been -12.7c) and it even dropped to -2.9c in my garden: still some way off my normal lowest winter temp though.   But nice to have a bright, crisp, frosty morning at last!
Sad news from Glen Coe as the MRT loses one of their own in an avalanche at the weekend. Simon Davidson and Joe Smith who died in Glen Coe were 'skilled' climbers - just in the wrong place at the wrong time.   A risk we all take.

In Luxembourg at the weekend, roads closed as trees collapse under snow 

And the ‘dyson sphere’ signals are not caused by comets: Study says 'alien megastructure' is still unexplained - so it could still be an ancient Ringworld or Orbital(s) after all ....!


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