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31st October - Today's News: Severe Floods, Tornadoes Hit Texas

30th October - Today's News: Warn Noah! Cyclone Chapala Forms in Arabian Sea

28th October - Today's News: Severe Storms Hit Queensland

27th October - Today's News Afghan 7.5 Mag Earthquake Claims Over 300 Lives

26th October - Today's News: No Casualties from Record Hurricane

24th October - Today's News: Hurricane Patricia Hits Mexico

Afte rmaking landfall in Mexico as the strongest hurricane ever recorded, Hurricane Patricia weakens but still 'extremely dangerous' - the full scale of the devastation - and any casualties - will not be known until daylight so a lot more on this on Monday.  The latest on Hurricane Patricia includes the fact that 5,000mm of rain have fallen in 24 hours.   That's over sixteen feet!   Although it could be a misprint .... ?

And how and why Patricia stands above the four other most severe hurricanes in history

Meanwhile, rain lashes Texas as Hurricane Patricia raises flood fears there too
A party in space?  Scientists find sugar and alcohol molecules on Comet Lovejoy
And is there a 99.99% chance of 'big' L.A. earthquake soon?  Why NASA and USGS can't shake on it ...

23rd October - Today's News: Strongest Recorded Pacific Hurricane Bears Down on Mexico

Hurricane Patricia becomes strongest Pacific hurricane in history; Catastrophic Mexico landfall expected Friday - no doubt a lot more on this tomorrow
With record-breaking September, 2015 continues pace as warmest year on record.  Despite the imminient catastrophic ice age ....
Severe storms batter Italy and the Balkans again
Too much even for Siberia: Worst blizzard in 10 years turns Omsk into huge snowball
Permafrost warming in parts of Alaska is accelerating
And is snow to fall over half-term holidays?   Er, no.   Unless you live at 3,000ft in Scotland this weekend.   And even then it will be only very brief before milder air moves in later on Sunday ....   Looking a bit wet and windy at times next week, but if anything, mild for the time of year.

21st October - Today's News: 36 Days of Snow Forecast. But Only in Aviemore.

According to the Mirror, in a story replicated in local media around the country, 36 days of snow forecast this winter.   Which is correct.   If you live in Aviemore.   As usual the media have completely ballsed it up.   And, of course, there is no saying the forecast will be right.   It's very unlikely indeed to be the coldest winter this century, let alone ever.   But it could be colder/snowier than the last couple of years.   
There may not have been many Atlantic hurricanes, but El Nino fueling most extreme tropical cyclone season on record in Northern Hemisphere.     
South-east Asian haze strikes the Pacific as fires exceed greenhouse gas output of the US
Philippine floods ease but typhoon toll hits 47
Pictures and video of the incredible moment a massive waterspout descended on Italian coastal town of Genoa
Experts to review public messages on avalanche risk in Britain
Scientists find link between comet, asteroid showers and mass extinctions

20th October - Today's News: Typhoon Koppu Brings Deadly Floods to Philippines

14th October - Today's News: Early Snow Falls in Germany, Poland

12th October - Today's News: Tornado Hits Florida Postal Truck

10th October - Today's News: Record Breaking California Heatwave

9th October - Today's News: Spring Heatwave Breaks Records in Australia

7th October - Today's News: Australian Bushfire Smoke on Rain Radar

6th October - Todays News: South Carolina's 1,000 Year Flood

5th October - Today's News: Deadly Floods Hit France & South Carolina

3rd October - Today's News: 600 Missing, Many Dead in Guatemala Mudslide

2nd October - Today's News: Indonesia Fires Worst on Record?

1st October - Today's News: Hurricane Joaquin Approaches Bahamas