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28th July - Today's News: Record Rainfall in Chicago & South Korea

27th July - Today's News: Rain Triggers Deadly Landslides in S Korea

26th July - Today's News: Winter Snow for SA and NZ

Winter continues to cause problems in the southern hemisphere with SA on snow go slow whilst in NZ, the cold snap harshest in 16 years bringing Motueka's first snow in several decades and leading to stores closed, deliveries halted with ice sheets warning for drivers.

In the US, amid floods, heat and wildfires, some positive weather news and also some bad, as a study suggests climate change to increase Yellowstone wildfires dramatically.

In Kenya: blackouts, rising bills as drought bites whilst in the related Somalia famine: UN WFP to airlift food to Mogadishu.

In Pakistan heavy downpour claims nine lives in Rawalpindi and there are concerns that Pakistan still not prepared for floods - though at present of course there's nothing to suggest we'll see a repeat of last years disaster.

Storm batters Philippines, 10 people dead, 5 missing

Unique volcanic province discovered on Moon's far side

What's this? The British media reporting the truth about British weather? Well …

25th July - Today's News: Fatal Chinese Bullet Train Crash Caused by Lightning

23rd July - Today's News: Thinking of Norway

Firstly, our thoughts this weekend are with our Norwegian friends who yesterday suffered what will surely be remembered as the most cowardly act of mass murder in history. The pathetic murderer couldn't even take his own life - though that at least means he can be strung out naked for the midges for a few weeks while we decide what to do with him, death of course being far too good for such a coward. Incidently he describes himself as a Christian - an affront to all Christians and indeed all who follow any faith. He was emphatically NOT a Christian.

Back home, Astwood Bank, just 12 miles north of here received 21.6mm of rain yesterday. Evesham just a trace - though early this morning a shower did give 0.5mm to bring the month's total up to 23.2mm

Heatwave breaks records in parts of US and Canada as, in Kentucky, Louisville teenager dies after overheating. But elsewhere in Canada, as rain continues, northwest region sees floods and in Illinois, heavy rainstorms are Chica…

22nd July - Today's News: Sydney's Wettest July in 50 Years

20th July - Today's News: North America Suffers Killer Heatwave

18th July - Today's News: More Flooding in Scotland

Well, ot quite such a washout round here after all, with the rain expected yesterday mostly fizzling out over Wales, and over all a not unpleasant, at times sunny albeit a bit breeze day. Typical English summer weather! And just another 1.6mm to add to the month's tally, and we're still running at below average. Somehow, I can't see this ending a particularly wet month in this area. Although, other places did see rather more rain with homes and roads flooded in Inverness and Perth while in northern England, a road bridge near Carlisle collapses in flood.

In Canada, violent storm topples Ottawa concert stage

Christchurch hit by 7,500 earthquakes since last September

Apparently, a new study suggests forests soak up a third of fossil fuel emissions - but it's not quite as simple as that, because
At the same time, the ongoing and barely constrained destruction of forests - mainly in the tropics - for food, fuel and development was shown to emit 2.9 billion tonnes of carb…

16th July - Today's News: Britain Battered by ....... 30mph Winds???

Proper, heavy, rain in Evesham this morning giving us 9.3mm at the start of what is likely to be a washout weekend for many, probably the wettest of the year here, and welcome news to farmers and growers. So, where did summer go? Severe weather warnings issued as Britain is battered by heavy downpours and 30 mph winds. Well, summer's been in Evesham all week ..... and are 30mph winds really worthy of a headline?

In Calgary, amateur video clinches tornado classification

40,000 hit by floods in Lakhimpur District , India

In the west Pacific, Ma-On now a typhoon - and heading towards Japan

Torrential rain kills 5 in Mogadishu amid country-wide drought

No surprise to hear that Germany faced with winter power shortage

In the Alps, melting glaciers store up trouble

In Dubai, rainstorm might have been seeded

New Zealand climate group keen on stormy debate with Chris Monckton

Why has Britain turned in to a giant rubbish tip? - in my opinion it's because we're all so conspicuoulsy weal…

15th July - Today's News: Are Soybeans Responsible for US Drought?

La Nina blamed for African drought. So it's not climate change after all!

But as drought in central US deepens - and widens, is southwestern U.S. headed for a 'perpetual drought'? If so, then this could well be climate change. And I'm reminded of a NASA study from 2005 that found tropical deforestation affects rainfall in the US and around the globe. In particular, the suggestion that:
Specifically, deforestation of Amazonia was found to severely reduce rainfall in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, and northern Mexico during the spring and summer seasons when water is crucial for agricultural productivity. Deforestation of Central Africa has a similar effect, causing a significant precipitation decrease in the lower U.S Midwest during the spring and summer and in the upper U.S. Midwest in winter and spring. Deforestation in Southeast Asia alters rainfall in China and the Balkan Peninsula most significantly. Given the continuing drought problems in China as well (I'm not…

13th July - Today's News: Heatwaves Spread Across Parts of US & Europe

It might not a scorching summer in Britain, but in Italy it's 40 degrees: heatwave hits parts of Europe whilst across the Adriatic Balkans wilt under heatwave.

And in the US, south, east baking in humid heat whilst there's also a prolonged drought leaving 14 states parched.

Heavy rains strike north of Sweden

So far this summer, S Korea pounded with 3 times more rain than on average - oh, that's where it's all gone than! Send some of it over here will you?

Lagos floods: 7 more corpses recovered

Would growing forests reduce the severity of tornadoes? (No)

Weather lore: what's the science?

One in 10 species could face extinction: decline in species shows climate change warnings not exagerrated.

Last dinosaur before mass extinction discovered - obviously it's not actually the last dinosaur, just the only one found that close to the KT boundary. Nor does it prove that the Chicxulub impact wiped out the dinosaurs, only that there were at least some still around at the ti…

12th July - Today's News: Thousands Stranded By Bolivian Snowstorms

Bolivia appeals for help as snow strand thousands - the worst storms there for 20 years. This likely down to the same sequence of weather that last week saw the heaviest snowfall in the Atacama Desert for nearly 20 years.

NZ's temperature record hits new low - minus 25.6 degsC - but before the global coolers get too excited, it was recorded in 1903. However, there is snow causing havoc on SI roads at the moment. Well, it's mid winter. What do you expect?

Arctic may be ice-free with 30 years - but only if ice extent continues to decline at current rates!

So far, 100-degree heat is the norm in the central US but in Illinois, record numbers left without power as storm smacks Chicago. One day they'll learn to bury their powerlines underground.

Heavy rain hammers central areas of Korea over the weekend with so far 12 dead.

Forgot to post this yesterday, an excellent piece published last month in the FT Magazine about the Met Office: so, will it rain tomorrow?.

Antarctic experts…

11th July - Today's News: Icy Weather Down Under

In Australia, big waves close major port as Victoria's weather turns icy whilst Tasmania's icy weather closes roads, schools and today Perth shivers on coldest day of the year. And in NZ, welcome snowfall makes mark.

No more rain here at the weekend and with 10.8mm for the first 10 days, and little more expected this week, it looks like yet another dry month in Evesham. However, there was rain elsewhere, especially once again in Scotland where storm blows Scottish Open off course at Castle Stewart.

I'm not quite sure where the Daily Mail get this headline: After the hottest spring in 118 years, forecasters predict the coolest summer in two decades since I'm unaware of anyone making such a prediction. I'm running close to average for July so far, and expect to see around 26c today - and contrary to what the story suggests, low to mid 20s should also be seen across much of England and Wales. A little warmer then, than normal.

Sunshine amounts may have been dow…

9th July - Today's News: Storms Bring Flash Floods to Scotland & Wales

A useful 8.3mm of rain in Evesham yesterday (brings us up to about averagae for this stage of the month), mainly from some heavy afternoon showers. No thunder as yet this month though. Elsewhere though, Edinburgh hit by flash flooding after severe thunderstorms whilst at Holyrood, storm sparks parliament power surge. On the south coast a freak twister hits streets in Bognor Regis, another tornado hits Great Manchester housing estate and in Wales, flash floods hit homes in Llanidloes in Powys. More heavy storms are expected today.

Meanwhile, down in NZ, tornado hits Kapiti Coast as thunderstorms lash country and snow cuts off Milford

There's a glimmer of good news in the Missouri River basin

Satellite images profile snow in Atacama Desert - the heaviest there for nearly 20 years.

A bit more info here on how World War II bombing raids offer new insight into the effects of aviation on climate.

Having played down fears of any impact from an eruption of Hekla, we now hear that Iceland…

8th July - Today's News: Extreme Weather Events Everywhere. As Usual.

Not done a proper round of news so far this week, so a bit of catching up!

Anyway, as:

Heavy rain in Scotland leads to road flooding

Violent thunderstorm claims two lives in Zug, Switzerland

Phoenix dusts off after giant sandstorm whips through

Tornadoes hit southern Alberta

Torrential rain floods metro Denver streets

NZ gripped by 'classic' winter storm

Landslide leaves 18 dead in NW China

Sichuan rainstorms leave 8 dead, 6 missing

Two die as flood situation worsens in Bihar

and more noctilucent clouds are spotted in Britain ....... we note that Piers Corbyn has NOT issued a red alert for extreme weather ...... But, if he does, then based on his track record, we can probably expect the weather around the world to improve! The point being that such events occur every single week of every single year: clearly falsifying his premise that they are caused by changes in solar activity or that he can predict them.

In New Mexico, weather helps fight to save sacred mountain from wildfire but …

6th July - Today's News: UK Faces More Severe Heatwaves on Solar Activity Dip

So, the UK faces more harsh winters in solar activity dip does it? Er, probably not. The research does show though that during the Maunder Minimum there was an increased prevalence of 'blocked' weather conditions. And in winter, these can lead to a prolonged cold period. Or, in summer, to prolonged heatwaves. An equally accurate headline would be that "UK faces more severe heatwaves in solar activity dip".

But whether we will see a period of reduced solar activity akin to the MM in our lifetimes remains to be seen. And we shouldn't forget last winter - which though it began cold, ended very mild indeed.

Incidently, the article does seem to confuse MM and LIA a bit. The LIA began in the 14th century as temperatures across the N Atlantic region fell and glaciers and ice caps grew. It wasn't continuously colder - but long terms averages and especially summer temperatures, were lower. It may well be a response to changes in insolation due to reduced…

5th July - Today's News: Piers Corbyn Blames Noctilucent Clouds for Normal Weather

In the Philippines, 12 dead in Bukidnon landslide, 31 in Davao floods whilst a mudslide in southeastern Bangladesh kills 15

Floods threaten blaze-ravaged New Mexico

Trees down as wind lashes Sydney

Copenhagen drenched

No damage from strong quake in New Zealand whilst another earthquake shakes Melbourne. And, coincidently, there's a warning that Victoria's overdue for volcano!

Is sulphur from Chinese power stations 'masking' climate change? Quite likely. As I reported a few days ago, even arch-sceptic Anthony Watts seems to agree!

Drought in east Africa the result of climate change and conflict

A good piece by nuclear convert George Monbiot: the nuclear industry stinks. But that is not a reason to ditch nuclear power while the Government tell us Britain on brink of 'nuclear renaissance'. I simply don't think we have a choice! And whilst I have advocated geothermal in the past, seeing the Cairngorms and Lothian hot rocks potential highlighted reminds me that…

4th July - Today's News: Sun Shines in Scotland

2nd July - Today's News: Extreme Weather Events Linked to Climate Change?

It's interesting to see that a year ago today I was reporting on Britain's driest 6 months for 80 years. Not sure how it stands across the country this year, but in Evesham I've recorded just 160.2mm in the first six months of the year, just 55% of average.

Extreme weather link 'can no longer be ignored'
The Met Office and NCAR have joined forces with other climate organisations, including the influential US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organisation (NOAA), to carry out detailed investigations of extreme weather events, such as the vast flooding in Pakistan last year, to see whether they can detect a climate change “signal” as a likely cause. A group of their researchers has formed a coalition called the Attribution of Climate-Related Events which is preparing a report on the subject to be published later this year at a meeting of the World Climate Research Programme in Denver. They hope in future to assess each extreme weather phenome…

1st July - Today's News: Aircraft Affect Airport Weather

A new study has found that takeoffs and landings cause more precipitation near airports. All due to inadvertent cloud seeding. Which really is no big surprise. I suspect airports themselves also affect local weather condition to a small degree. Just as cities do. Hmmm, does all this mean human activity is affecting the climate ....... ? ;-)

The latest annual NOAA State of the Climate report is now out and, unsurprisingly, it concludes 2010 one of two warmest years on record. Largely due to ENSO and the AO. The full report can be downloaded here. Meanwhile, La Nina's exit leaves climate forecasts in limbo. And whilst certain 'sceptics' I known are constantly trying to prove it's getting colder there (by cherry picking the data), the average US temperature increases by 0.5 degrees F.

As 'Skanky' noticed a couple of days ago, jellyfish keep UK nuclear plant shut - this seems to be a growing problem around the world. For example, in 2008 there was …