20th July - Today's News: North America Suffers Killer Heatwave

US heartland suffers under killer heat, humidity or, never ones for sensational headlines, as the Daily Mail put it Now it's the concrete: Extreme and persistent heat engulfing parts of the U.S. could cause sidewalks and roads to explode as scorching weather kills at least 13 and north of the border, there's also stifling heat hovering over Prairies, Ontario as heat records fall in Manitoba.

But it's not all heat records being broken as nearly 7 inches of rain falls in 24 hour period around Arkon, Ohio whilst in Wyoming Mom, 3 girls, killed after heavy rain washes out highway.

And further south, second sandstorm engulf Phoenix

Dozens injured as Typhoon Ma-on lashes Japan

In Australia, rough weather batters Newcastle's coast

So far, more than 200,000 hit by floods in India, Nepal

As the Tour de France hits the mountains, snow-capped Alps not a worry, say Tour organisers

A new study takes the wind out of wind energy

Hardly a major news story, given just how many other people do exactly the same Amateur weatherman Howard Martin sets up Ampthill service (I don't have a website as my weather station is not properly positioned and does not produce accurate enough data, but I could do so if I wanted)

And the most ridiculous story of the week: MPs inquiry into Met Office. Hmmm, let me see, the media misinterpret the forecast - or publish some quacks forecasts but imply it comes from the Met Office. Or just make it all up from scratch. Then when the forecast proves wrong they complain about how useless the Met Office are..... But then, as we all know, the Daily Telegraph likes the Met office in the same way the rest of us like being stripped naked and tied to a tree overnight on a very warm, muggy, summer's night in the Highlands. And is capable of telling the truth in the same way I could swim across the Atlantic. With a 7 ton lead weigh tied to my penis.

I think this sums it up:

Andrew Miller, the Chairman of the Committee, said it was important the public is assured of the quality of the service.

“Fishermen and the navy praise the service, other people planning their barbecues complain,” he said.
D'oh! In other words, those people who get their forecasts from the Met Office praise them, those who get their forecast from the gutter tripe media criticise them. Doesn't take a fool with a demented brain to work that one out. Though MPs may struggle ......


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