26th July - Today's News: Winter Snow for SA and NZ

Winter continues to cause problems in the southern hemisphere with SA on snow go slow whilst in NZ, the cold snap harshest in 16 years bringing Motueka's first snow in several decades and leading to stores closed, deliveries halted with ice sheets warning for drivers.

In the US, amid floods, heat and wildfires, some positive weather news and also some bad, as a study suggests climate change to increase Yellowstone wildfires dramatically.

In Kenya: blackouts, rising bills as drought bites whilst in the related Somalia famine: UN WFP to airlift food to Mogadishu.

In Pakistan heavy downpour claims nine lives in Rawalpindi and there are concerns that Pakistan still not prepared for floods - though at present of course there's nothing to suggest we'll see a repeat of last years disaster.

Storm batters Philippines, 10 people dead, 5 missing

Unique volcanic province discovered on Moon's far side

What's this? The British media reporting the truth about British weather? Well I never ..... This is no washout - it's NORMAL: Weatherman Bill Giles explodes myth of glorious summers in the past. Thanks Bill. But I doubt the media will take the slightest bit of notice....

And just to show the US media has yet to discover the meaning of irony, they now report that record-breaking heatwave was a media myth. Will you tell them or should I?


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