1st July - Today's News: Aircraft Affect Airport Weather

A new study has found that takeoffs and landings cause more precipitation near airports. All due to inadvertent cloud seeding. Which really is no big surprise. I suspect airports themselves also affect local weather condition to a small degree. Just as cities do. Hmmm, does all this mean human activity is affecting the climate ....... ? ;-)

The latest annual NOAA State of the Climate report is now out and, unsurprisingly, it concludes 2010 one of two warmest years on record. Largely due to ENSO and the AO. The full report can be downloaded here. Meanwhile, La Nina's exit leaves climate forecasts in limbo. And whilst certain 'sceptics' I known are constantly trying to prove it's getting colder there (by cherry picking the data), the average US temperature increases by 0.5 degrees F.

As 'Skanky' noticed a couple of days ago, jellyfish keep UK nuclear plant shut - this seems to be a growing problem around the world. For example, in 2008 there was a new online report on massive jellyfish swarms whilst in 2006 a Mediterranean jellyfish invasion blamed on climate.

Tropical storm Arlene drenches eastern Mexico

Wacky west weather means snow on the 4th July

Fire menacing Los Alamos lab nears record size

In the Philippines, Davao flood death toll hits 29; 3 still missing

10m face hunger in east Africa's 'worst drought'

Japan braces itself for hottest summer on record

There are some impressive new NASA pictures of the Eritrea Nabro volcano eruption

The hair-raising truth about the Cornish tsunami triggered by landslide

There's been a drop in electricity from onshore wind in Britain, whilst down in Australia wind farmers dismiss Monckton comments

And if you think we have trouble coping with the weather in Britain, spare a thought for the Indians as just 3mm rain brings Gurgaon to a standstill.


  1. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2011/07/wildfire_threatens_nuclear_fac.html


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