16th July - Today's News: Britain Battered by ....... 30mph Winds???

Proper, heavy, rain in Evesham this morning giving us 9.3mm at the start of what is likely to be a washout weekend for many, probably the wettest of the year here, and welcome news to farmers and growers. So, where did summer go? Severe weather warnings issued as Britain is battered by heavy downpours and 30 mph winds. Well, summer's been in Evesham all week ..... and are 30mph winds really worthy of a headline?

In Calgary, amateur video clinches tornado classification

40,000 hit by floods in Lakhimpur District , India

In the west Pacific, Ma-On now a typhoon - and heading towards Japan

Torrential rain kills 5 in Mogadishu amid country-wide drought

No surprise to hear that Germany faced with winter power shortage

In the Alps, melting glaciers store up trouble

In Dubai, rainstorm might have been seeded

New Zealand climate group keen on stormy debate with Chris Monckton

Why has Britain turned in to a giant rubbish tip? - in my opinion it's because we're all so conspicuoulsy wealthy that we like to shit in our beds just so we can pay someone to come along and clean it up. After all, that's what our taxes are for, right? Street littering should be £100 fine and an afternoon in the stocks, more serious cases, like fly tipping, result in castration and a 10% tax on all income earned for the rest of your life (which is much better than a large fine that probably can't be paid anyway). Simple.

With one in five households in fuel poverty I thought I'd check my monthly gas and electricity consumption. Seems that at present I'm spending about £8 and £20 a month respectively. That's with Scottish Power. Okay, that'll increase a bit in winter, and the latest cost increases haven't set in yet. But even so, I'd need a household income of less than £4,000 a year to be in 'fuel poverty'. And to be honest, I don't really go out of my way to save energy, simply because I use a great deal to start with. Does make me wonder how so many other people use so much though!

Not sure if the HAARPists have seen this yet, but it's seems tsunami airglow signature could lead to early detection system.

Dramatic climate swings likely as world warms: ancient El Niño clue to future floods - basically, evidence from the Pliocene suggests we could see more frequent swings between strong El Nino and La Nina events. And it's also being suggest that a strong El Niño could bring increased sea levels, storm surges to US east coast


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