12th July - Today's News: Thousands Stranded By Bolivian Snowstorms

Bolivia appeals for help as snow strand thousands - the worst storms there for 20 years. This likely down to the same sequence of weather that last week saw the heaviest snowfall in the Atacama Desert for nearly 20 years.

NZ's temperature record hits new low - minus 25.6 degsC - but before the global coolers get too excited, it was recorded in 1903. However, there is snow causing havoc on SI roads at the moment. Well, it's mid winter. What do you expect?

Arctic may be ice-free with 30 years - but only if ice extent continues to decline at current rates!

So far, 100-degree heat is the norm in the central US but in Illinois, record numbers left without power as storm smacks Chicago. One day they'll learn to bury their powerlines underground.

Heavy rain hammers central areas of Korea over the weekend with so far 12 dead.

Forgot to post this yesterday, an excellent piece published last month in the FT Magazine about the Met Office: so, will it rain tomorrow?.

Antarctic experts meet for conference in Edinburgh

Underwater Antarctic volcanoes discovered in the Southern Ocean - though I'm pretty sure the "7 active volcanoes visible above the sea as a chain of islands" were already known of!

And it seems it's still uncertain whether Katla volcano erupted.


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