13th July - Today's News: Heatwaves Spread Across Parts of US & Europe

It might not a scorching summer in Britain, but in Italy it's 40 degrees: heatwave hits parts of Europe whilst across the Adriatic Balkans wilt under heatwave.

And in the US, south, east baking in humid heat whilst there's also a prolonged drought leaving 14 states parched.

Heavy rains strike north of Sweden

So far this summer, S Korea pounded with 3 times more rain than on average - oh, that's where it's all gone than! Send some of it over here will you?

Lagos floods: 7 more corpses recovered

Would growing forests reduce the severity of tornadoes? (No)

Weather lore: what's the science?

One in 10 species could face extinction: decline in species shows climate change warnings not exagerrated.

Last dinosaur before mass extinction discovered - obviously it's not actually the last dinosaur, just the only one found that close to the KT boundary. Nor does it prove that the Chicxulub impact wiped out the dinosaurs, only that there were at least some still around at the time. It may have speeded up their demise though. But I bet sooner or later we'll find some bones dating to after the impact .....

There's a new Olympia hypothesis: tsnuamis buried the cult site on the Peloponnese where the first Olympic games were held. How long before someone declares it the origin of the Atlantic myth, I wonder?


  1. Getting increasingly common?


  2. I think I missed a report, too.

    I recall a presentation I saw (it was recorded and put on the web), by a very well respected marine biologist(?) who basically said that the oceans were on course for "jelly" replacing vertebrates as dominant species type (my summary he will have got the terms and description more accurate).

    IIRC there were/are a number of contributing factors - ocean acidification, water temperatures, over fishing and other species loss, invasive species, etc.

    Some were more important than others.

    I don't recall anything to help me find the presentation again, but I'll try and dig out the reference.

  3. Might be related to this?

    Climate-related increases in jellyfish frequency suggest a more gelatinous future for the North Sea



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