5th July - Today's News: Piers Corbyn Blames Noctilucent Clouds for Normal Weather

In the Philippines, 12 dead in Bukidnon landslide, 31 in Davao floods whilst a mudslide in southeastern Bangladesh kills 15

Floods threaten blaze-ravaged New Mexico

Trees down as wind lashes Sydney

Copenhagen drenched

No damage from strong quake in New Zealand whilst another earthquake shakes Melbourne. And, coincidently, there's a warning that Victoria's overdue for volcano!

Is sulphur from Chinese power stations 'masking' climate change? Quite likely. As I reported a few days ago, even arch-sceptic Anthony Watts seems to agree!

Drought in east Africa the result of climate change and conflict

A good piece by nuclear convert George Monbiot: the nuclear industry stinks. But that is not a reason to ditch nuclear power while the Government tell us Britain on brink of 'nuclear renaissance'. I simply don't think we have a choice! And whilst I have advocated geothermal in the past, seeing the Cairngorms and Lothian hot rocks potential highlighted reminds me that often the most suitable locations for such schemes are not suitable at all. Power needs to be generated as near to where it's needed as possible.

And I can't resist mentioning this latest PC nonsense. He starts by warning all and sundry of extreme weather events and major earthquakes due to increased solar activity from 27th June to 2nd July. Unfortunately, there were no extreme weather events and no major earthquakes. And no increased solar activity. So does Piers admit he was wrong? Of course not! Piers is NEVER wrong. So, first, he mentions a few fairly normal weather events around the world - a few thunderstorms here and there, some of the usual, daily, summer flooding in Asia etc (and what appears to be the landslides which killed hundreds in Brazil back in January!). And then he blames it all on noctilucent clouds! ROFLMAO! The man is totally doo-dah! And you can quote me on that.


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