8th July - Today's News: Extreme Weather Events Everywhere. As Usual.

Not done a proper round of news so far this week, so a bit of catching up!

Anyway, as:

Heavy rain in Scotland leads to road flooding

Violent thunderstorm claims two lives in Zug, Switzerland

Phoenix dusts off after giant sandstorm whips through

Tornadoes hit southern Alberta

Torrential rain floods metro Denver streets

NZ gripped by 'classic' winter storm

Landslide leaves 18 dead in NW China

Sichuan rainstorms leave 8 dead, 6 missing

Two die as flood situation worsens in Bihar

and more noctilucent clouds are spotted in Britain ....... we note that Piers Corbyn has NOT issued a red alert for extreme weather ...... But, if he does, then based on his track record, we can probably expect the weather around the world to improve! The point being that such events occur every single week of every single year: clearly falsifying his premise that they are caused by changes in solar activity or that he can predict them.

In New Mexico, weather helps fight to save sacred mountain from wildfire but as rain relieves Texas drought, south needs more.

Summer heat breaks state records for June averages in Oklahoma

Australia has the best snow since 1990 as winds die

Horn of Africa tested by severe drought

Second world war bombers changed the weather

Saturn puts on spectacular lightning show

It's been suggested that Dumfries and Galloway wind farms could raise £3m a year for the local communities. There's only one problem: the only profit wind farms make is through additional taxes added to everyone's electricity bills. Or if the operators get paid to switch them off!

Fire to become increasingly important driver of atmospheric change in warming world

Climate change forces early spring in Alberta, Canada

And an excellent piece from Richard Black: Climate: cherries are not the only fruit. Please do read it!

New force driving Earth's tectonic plates

In NZ, tsunami advisory terms cause confusion after a 7.6 Mag quake in the Pacific

Icelandic scientist surprised by Hekla volcano eruption sensation - and it's not the first time the British media have run with a false, misleading story about an imminent eruption in Iceland. Hekla may erupt. As it last did in 2000. But it won't cause air traffic disruption.


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