22nd July - Today's News: Sydney's Wettest July in 50 Years

Sydney records its wettest July in 50 years as parts of NSW are declared disaster zones

America set for rolling blackouts in deadly heatwave as 55 cities swelter in record high temperatures - and worst is to come and as metro Detroiters cope with record temperatures, but will this egg fry? Watch the video to find out. And in Canada, heatwave breaks daily records in Ontario, Quebec. Meanwhile, the Midwest turns dry as drought worsens in Plains

Tornado leaves train of destruction in Northland, NZ

And whilst there have been no tornadoes this week in Britain, twister in sky stuns Leamington residents and there was another funnel cloud spotted over north Bristol.

In Japan, Typhoon Ma-on eases, exits, leaves one dead

Chile declares snow 'catastrophe'

In Alaska, glacial lake outburst creates flood concerns

Sweden struck by massive thunderstorm

Hurricane Dora downgraded in Pacific and Cindy and Bret weaken in Atlantic

Nepal landslides kill Dutch trekker and 11 others

Effect of weather on red deer studied by UHI

Showing the general public are no more intelligent across the Pond than they are in Britain, sizzling Canadians point finger of blame at forecasters.

Earthquake strikes Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

And finally, space shuttle Atlantis touches down, ending and era of adventure in space.


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