23rd July - Today's News: Thinking of Norway

Firstly, our thoughts this weekend are with our Norwegian friends who yesterday suffered what will surely be remembered as the most cowardly act of mass murder in history. The pathetic murderer couldn't even take his own life - though that at least means he can be strung out naked for the midges for a few weeks while we decide what to do with him, death of course being far too good for such a coward. Incidently he describes himself as a Christian - an affront to all Christians and indeed all who follow any faith. He was emphatically NOT a Christian.

Back home, Astwood Bank, just 12 miles north of here received 21.6mm of rain yesterday. Evesham just a trace - though early this morning a shower did give 0.5mm to bring the month's total up to 23.2mm

Heatwave breaks records in parts of US and Canada as, in Kentucky, Louisville teenager dies after overheating. But elsewhere in Canada, as rain continues, northwest region sees floods and in Illinois, heavy rainstorms are Chicago's latest weather nightmare.

Meanwhile, Arctic also sees heatwave, on course for record ice melt

Highlands man drowned helping flood-hit neighbours near Culloden, last weekend

Devon winter fear for Dartford warblers

US heatwave raises climate complexity

And some good(ish) news as stranded whales return to open water at Kyle of Durness


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