6th July - Today's News: UK Faces More Severe Heatwaves on Solar Activity Dip

So, the UK faces more harsh winters in solar activity dip does it? Er, probably not. The research does show though that during the Maunder Minimum there was an increased prevalence of 'blocked' weather conditions. And in winter, these can lead to a prolonged cold period. Or, in summer, to prolonged heatwaves. An equally accurate headline would be that "UK faces more severe heatwaves in solar activity dip".

But whether we will see a period of reduced solar activity akin to the MM in our lifetimes remains to be seen. And we shouldn't forget last winter - which though it began cold, ended very mild indeed.

Incidently, the article does seem to confuse MM and LIA a bit. The LIA began in the 14th century as temperatures across the N Atlantic region fell and glaciers and ice caps grew. It wasn't continuously colder - but long terms averages and especially summer temperatures, were lower. It may well be a response to changes in insolation due to reduced axial tilt. And should really still be continuing to this day. If current warming is entirely natural then it's just a short blip in the general downward trend. On the other hand .....


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