9th July - Today's News: Storms Bring Flash Floods to Scotland & Wales

A useful 8.3mm of rain in Evesham yesterday (brings us up to about averagae for this stage of the month), mainly from some heavy afternoon showers. No thunder as yet this month though. Elsewhere though, Edinburgh hit by flash flooding after severe thunderstorms whilst at Holyrood, storm sparks parliament power surge. On the south coast a freak twister hits streets in Bognor Regis, another tornado hits Great Manchester housing estate and in Wales, flash floods hit homes in Llanidloes in Powys. More heavy storms are expected today.

Meanwhile, down in NZ, tornado hits Kapiti Coast as thunderstorms lash country and snow cuts off Milford

There's a glimmer of good news in the Missouri River basin

Satellite images profile snow in Atacama Desert - the heaviest there for nearly 20 years.

A bit more info here on how World War II bombing raids offer new insight into the effects of aviation on climate.

Having played down fears of any impact from an eruption of Hekla, we now hear that Iceland's Katla shows signs of activity - and that certainly could cause problems.

And finally, I remember as a boy collecting newspaper cuttings about the very first launch. Now we say farewell as NASA's final space shuttle mission begins with Atlantis' launch. I've only ever once seen a space shuttle fly overhead, in tandem with the ISS. Unfortunately it looks like most of not all passes over Evesham on this final mission will occur in daytime. So I will never see one again.


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