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24th May - Today's News: Cyclone Mekunu Hits Socatra, Heading to Oman

22nd May - Today's News: Tropical Cyclone Sagar Hits Somalia

19th May - Today's News: Gulf of Aden Cyclone Threatens Somalia

17th May - Today's News: German Tornado

In Germany a tornado rages through NRW, injuring two and ripping roofs from houses with more video footage as the tornado tears through Germany, just missing Netherlands
The storms that ripped through northeast caused a ‘meteotsunami’ - a rise in sea levels due to a sudden change in atmospheric pressure 
In the UK, what impact is climate change having on cricket? More disrupted matches seem likely. 
A state of emergency as ice-choked Lena River spills its banks in remote settlements in Siberia
In Colombia: tens of thousands ordered to evacuate after floods at dam - the proximate cause being the clearing of a blocked tunnel, but deforestation around the construction site and recent heavy rains are contributary factors.
Tiny satellite's first global map of ice clouds
Mysterious rise in emissions of ozone-damaging chemical - despite us cutting their use, CFCs are not declining as expected ....
A new study shows major shifts in global freshwater with wet areas getting wetter, dry are…

16th May - Today's News: Killer Storms Strikes NE USA

14th May - Today's News: Heavy Snow Hits South-eastern France

11th March - Today's News: "Catastrophic" Flooding in Hobart

10th May - Today's News: Heavy Rains Cause Deadly Kenya Dam Burst

At least 32 dead, hundreds displaced as Patel Dam 'bursts' in Nakuru, Kenya after more heavy rain in flood-hit east Africa.  

More deaths as violent thunderstorms sweep through Nigeria
Another powerful dust storm, rain leaves 14 dead in northern India
An extremely rare southeast Pacific subtropical cyclone forms off the Chilean coast
BOM predicts snow as low as 800m as Australian ski fields get first dumps of the year
Powerful hurricanes strengthen faster now than 30 years ago
And April in the U.S. was remarkably cold in the midst of global warming - so confusing to some American AGW deniers who just can't get their little indoctrinated minds around the concept that what happens in a small, insignificant, part of the world has no bearing on global trends.

8th May - Today's News: Flash Floods in Ankara

5th May - Today's News: Earthquakes & Evacuations in Hawaii as Kilauea Erupts

4th May - Today's News: Death Toll Rises in Indian Dust Storm

India dust storms: More than 125 killed as storms continue and why this dust storm in India turned deadly
Mount Kilauea: Hawaii emergency declared over volcano eruption
New Brunswick calls in coast guard to help flood relief effort - the worst spring flooding there for 80 years
Scientists have never observed so little ice in the Bering Sea in spring In Portugal, signs that extreme weather 'potentially catastrophic' for bats - though I am sure they have survived similar in the past!
A new study suggests that temperature swings to hit poor countries hardest, although the results seem to contradict suggestions of more extremes, with colder winters/hotter summers, in Europe due to changes in the AMOC
And a warning of wintry conditions in Scotland's mountains ahead of the bank holiday weekend - with a bit more snow than usual for the time of year still around in the Cairngorms in particular

3rd May - Today's News: Deadly Indian Dust Storms

1st May - Today's News: Seven Die in Alpine Storm