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31st October - Today's News: Argentinian Roads Swamped by Massive Hailstorm

30th October - Today's News: North European Storms Kills Six

28th October - Today's News: Record Rainfall Brings Floods to Tanzania

25th October - Today's News: Three Dead in Bulgarian Floods

23rd October - Today's News: Five Dead as Typhoon Lan Hits Japan

21st October - Today's News: Typhoon Lan Intensifies Near Japan

Typhoon Lan rapidly intensifies in Pacific on its path toward Japan
Storm Brian: UK braced for gale-force winds and disruption - but it's really only coastal flooding that's a concern and this storm doesn't warrnat being named (Met Eireann issued an amber warning, triggering the name, in part, I think because of continuing problems there after ex-Ophelia last weekend)
Pollution linked to one in six deaths worldwide - with air pollution the biggest danger
A brief history of the Earth's CO2
A little off topic, but one for those who argue Britain isn't (or shouldn't be) a single nation: Stonehenge builders 'ate food from Scotland'
And as little later than usual, but the lies remain the same as Nathan Rao makes his annual prediction that UK faces MONTHS of SNOW: Sinking polar vortex to trigger COLDEST winter since GREAT FREEZE  So we may get a couple of frosts then ..... (actually, there's a chance it could be a colder, snowier winter than recent years.  B…

19th October - Today's News: Global Warming Trend Continues Unabated as 2017 Set to be One of Warmest on Record

17th October - Today's News: Ex-Ophelia Hits Ireland After Fanning Deadly Iberian Wildfires

In Eire, Ophelia's trail of destruction: Up to 360,000 people could lose water supply today as 245,000 remain without power with three people killed. Wales saw roads and homes hit by storm, in Northern Ireland schools closed as clean-up begins whilst in Scotland there's also a clear-up under way after Ophelia wind
Meanwhile, survivors of Portugal and Spain's wildfires that have claimed dozens of lives describe how cities were turned into 'balls of fire' as death toll rises - at least 36 people have died (some reports suggest 39) in the fires fanned by Ophelia's winds.  Sadly, many of the fires appear to have been started deliberately .....  The fires have had impacts in the UK too with a red sun phenomenon 'caused by Hurricane Ophelia' whilst 'smoke smell' forces flights to land at UK airports. Manston in Kent also recorded 23.5c - a UK date record.
It was just a bit breezy in Evesham, and the dust/smoke plume gave a very eerie yellow glow thro…

16th October - Today's News: Warnings as Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Approaches British Isles

13th October - Today's News: At Least 54 Dead in Vietnam Floods, Landslides

12th October - Today's News: Fresh Winds Fan Deadly Californian Wildfires

11th October - Today's News: Many Missing as California Wildfire Toll Grows

10th October - Today's News: Deadly Storms Hit South Africa

9th October - Today's News: Hurricane Nates Makes Landfall in Louisiana

6th October - Today's News: 9 Dead in North European Storm

5th October - Today's News: Why September was so Hot in Australia

3rd October - Today's News: Record Deluge Hits Bundaberg, Qld

Bundaberg deluge: Residents clean up after rain soaks town and southern Queensland
A heavy early-season snowstorm sweeps into Rockies
Sudden storm wreaks havoc in Hyderabad, at least 7 killed
Autumn brings a record drop in weather temperatures in Azerbaijan
Down in Antarctica: Return of the Weddell polynya supports Kiel climate model
Grass-fed cows won’t save the climate, report finds - but I will continue eating and enjoying meat regardless.  If everyone else stops driving cars and flying and leaving the lights on, then, maybe, you can start having a go at me!
Did life on Earth start due to meteorites splashing into warm little ponds? as long as 4.5 billion years ago ....   If so, life (of some kind) on other "water worlds" ought be quite common.   And that goes for Mars too as meteorite tells us that Mars had a dense atmosphere 4 billion years ago
Siberian volcanic eruptions caused extinction 250 million years ago, new evidence shows
It's the 50th anniversary of plate tect…

2nd October - Todays News: Britain's Last Ice Melts

UK's longest-lasting patch of snow melts away
Meanwhile, Atlantic depressions bring above-average rain for some including me - it's been the wettest month of the year here, my second wettest September (since 2007) and the first time September has been wetter than all the preceding months.  A large solar storm sparks global aurora and doubles radiation levels on the martian surface
And DIY space exploration: Family launches GoPro into stratosphere, captures amazing footage