21st October - Today's News: Typhoon Lan Intensifies Near Japan

Storm Brian: UK braced for gale-force winds and disruption - but it's really only coastal flooding that's a concern and this storm doesn't warrnat being named (Met Eireann issued an amber warning, triggering the name, in part, I think because of continuing problems there after ex-Ophelia last weekend)

Pollution linked to one in six deaths worldwide - with air pollution the biggest danger

A little off topic, but one for those who argue Britain isn't (or shouldn't be) a single nation: Stonehenge builders 'ate food from Scotland'

And as little later than usual, but the lies remain the same as Nathan Rao makes his annual prediction that UK faces MONTHS of SNOW: Sinking polar vortex to trigger COLDEST winter since GREAT FREEZE  So we may get a couple of frosts then ..... (actually, there's a chance it could be a colder, snowier winter than recent years.  But that's not saying much given how mild and snowless it's been since the sludgefest of 2013 - no decents snowfall or significant frosts here since December 2010!)


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