17th October - Today's News: Ex-Ophelia Hits Ireland After Fanning Deadly Iberian Wildfires

Meanwhile, survivors of Portugal and Spain's wildfires that have claimed dozens of lives describe how cities were turned into 'balls of fire' as death toll rises - at least 36 people have died (some reports suggest 39) in the fires fanned by Ophelia's winds.  Sadly, many of the fires appear to have been started deliberately .....  The fires have had impacts in the UK too with a red sun phenomenon 'caused by Hurricane Ophelia' whilst 'smoke smell' forces flights to land at UK airports. Manston in Kent also recorded 23.5c - a UK date record.

It was just a bit breezy in Evesham, and the dust/smoke plume gave a very eerie yellow glow through the late morning.  


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