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31st August - Heavy Rain, Floods Spread as ex-Harvey Tracks North

30th August - Today's News: Harvey Makes Second Landfall as Rains Overwhelm Houston Dams

29th August - Today's News: Harvey Brings Record Rain, Major Flooding to Houston

26th August - Today's News: Cat 4 Harvey Hits Texas

25th |August - Today's News: Hurricane Harvey Nears Texas Coast

24th August - Today's News: 12 Dead as Typhoon Hato Hits Southern China

Typhoon Hato: Twelve killed as storm sweeps south China
Heavy rain in Northern England sparks flash flood chaos (it was, of course, perfectly dry in Evesham!).  Meanwhile, after the Northern Ireland floods: Clean up and questions
In Switzerland, village evacuated and climber dead in two separate Graub√ľnden rockfalls
Huge boom as lightning strikes five metres away from man, blowing a smouldering hole in his garden and sending turf and debris flying in the air in Norway
Cleanup underway after devastating storm hits Montreal
Harvey likely to be 1st hurricane to strike Texas since 2008
Bad news for the planet as money talks and Brazil opens vast Amazon reserve to mining - and here's a thought: why don't governments use all the money they raise through "green" taxes aimed at curbing CO2 emissions to buy areas of tropical forest to protect them  from deforestation - and to encourgae reaforestation?  Something which would actually help combat climate change .....  Instead of sp…

23rd August - Today's News: Flash Flooding in Ireland and Hebrides

22nd August - Today's News: Ben Nevis Goes Snow-free

19th August - Today's News: Two Dead as Storm Destroys Austrian Beer Tent

18th August - Today's News: Atlantic Hurricane Season Heats Up

17th August - Today's News: British Colombia's Worst Ever Wildfire Season

In western Canada, B.C. surpasses worst wildfire season on record — and threat is far from over
Hurricane Gert swells to Category 2, strongest storm so far this season
Polish PM, ministers discuss cleanup after storm damage at the weekend.  Six people died and the clean up in Poland's forests is expected to take until 2019
The first snow of the season just fell in Sweden (but nothing that unusual - we often see snow in the Cairngorms, much further south, by the end of August ... And it seems the last time snow fell this early was, er, last year)
Two Bangladeshis die taking flood selfies as crisis worsens
Explaining the deadly Sierra Leone mudslide - as usual, it wasn't just rain, deforestation is to blame as well ...
Climate change not the full story when it comes to above average winter temperatures in Australia this year
One in the face for those who claim the Sun controls our climate (so ironic I found it via an AGW denial site!): Abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age triggered by…

16th August - Today's News: July 2017 Joint Warmest on Record

15th August - Today's News: 300 Feared Dead in Sierra Leone Mudslide

11th August - Today's News: Heatwave Triggers More Severe Thunderstorms Across Europe

The heatwave that has scorched Europe now causes rainstorms and howling gales at tourist destinations after 'Lucifer' heatwave shuts down summer skiing on Italian glacier for first time in 90 years
Meanwhile, Iraq sends workers home as 'ungodly' heat grips Middle East with temperatures there hitting 51c.   I much prefer the 22-23c we keep getting in England! 
Yemen's capital Sanaa experiences flash flooding
A nice example of a rare skypunch forms over Southern Finland
Emergency declared in New Orleans as new flood threat looms
Alaskan towns at risk from rising seas sound alarm as Trump pulls federal help - he won't help because he is an ignorant moron sticking to his religious dogmatic claptrap, and refuses to accept that climate change is happening at all, let alone directly, adversely, affecting American people.  This is what happens when the appoint someone as president who only listens to those who agree with him and ignores/sacks/sues anyone who dares disagr…

10th August - Today's News: Flash Floods and Funnel Clouds in England

8th August - Today's News: TS Franklin Hits Yucatan

7th August - Today's News: European Heatwave Triggers Deadly Storms as Wildfires Rage

Heatwave 'Lucifer' continues to claim victims with highs over 40C as wildfires rage across south Europe including three dead as storms strike across northern Italy
Evesham experienced it's first thunder of 2017 on Saturday - in fact, we had a "storm" pass overhead ..... but it produced only a few spots of rain, despite the radar suggesting a deluge.  A strange case of thunder non-rain.
Tulsa storms leave dozens injured as floods submerge parts of Kansas City and New Orleans
In Australia, NSW and Victoria rocked by rare thundersnow storms
Weakening Typhoon Noru hits Osaka, heads for eastern Japan
A strange storm as wide as Earth appears on Neptune
And how ludicrous can the Euroloonies get?  Burning policy puts pressure on recycling targets - converting refuse into electricity IS recycling .....  Especially when most of it is stuff that can't be recycled!

5th August - Today's News: Heavy Snow Falls on Australian Hills

Good news for Aussie skiers as strong snow falls on Victoria's alps, as authorities prepare for blizzards but a warning that climate change puts Australia's ski industry on a downhill slope
July cold weather in Uganda blamed on SA winter
Death toll rises in northern Vietnam flash floods
It's the worst wildfire season in B.C. since 1958
Extreme weather 'could kill up to 152,000 a year' in Europe by 2100 (but that doesn't mean that it will - or that it might not be many more) 
Satellites recorded fifth lowest sea ice extent for July last month: NSIDC despite predominant weather conditions that were not conducive for sea ice loss.  Given that more unsual weather patterns helped the near record loss last year, it's possible that this summer may give a more realistic picture of the current "state of play".
Another small earthquake felt across Highlands - the biggest in the areas since 1986.   I hope Essan is okay ....
I've been saying this for years …

4th August - Today's News: Deadly Heatwave Sparks Warnings Across Europe

2nd August - Today's News: Record Heatwave Bakes Pacific Northwest

1st August - Today's News: Tropical Storm Emily Hits Florida