1st August - Today's News: Tropical Storm Emily Hits Florida

Meanwhile, in the Pacific, after explosive strengthening, Super Typhoon Noru is 2017’s strongest storm so far - though it appears to have since weakened again

Ancient glaciers may have helped warm Earth (their impact has no significance on a human timescale though)

But it looks like two degrees of warming already baked in by the end of this century.  That's fahrenheit though, so not quite as bad as it first sounds, although continuing current CO2 emission rates makes around 1.5c look pretty inevitable.

More evidence on what caused the world's greatest extinction?  With the Siberian Traps back in the frame.

And researchers reveal a 300 foot high megatsunami wave that hit Greenland last month was triggered by a landslide - which it appears it also caused the earthquake that coincided with it


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