11th October - Today's News: Race on to Protect Bangkok from Floods

Thailand races to defend Bangkok from floods

How our Indian summer is set to make pumpkins a little less pumped for Halloween

San Antonio keeps water flowing amid a deep drought whilst Colorada empties popular lake to pay its water bill.

Hurricane Jova closes in on western Mexico

Antarctic lake mission targets life and climate signs

Glacier lakes: growing danger zones in the Himalaya

It looks like there has been an underwater volcanic eruption near Spanish Canary island

Michael Hanlon makes a fool of himself by building a great big man of straw and asking Mini Ice-Age or global warming: Why can't they make their minds up? Does he really not realise that it's the media he works for that keep coming up with these daft predictions, not the scientists who invariably are saying something very, very different (the recent 'ice age' claims being a case in point). Shame on you Michael. Or maybe that was the point? To further mislead the public and champion the cause of anti-science? Hmmm .....

Quadruple rainbow caught on camera for first time (this is basically the same story as last weeks one about a triple rainbow, but goes into a bit better detail)

Long-lost Lake Agassiz offer clues to climate change - or rather, new research suggest that its level dropped as a consequence of the Younger Dryas cold period, rather than a sudden draining of the lake being the cause of the YD.

Giant 'kraken' lair discovered: cunning sea monster that preyed on ichyosaurs - and may have been highly intelligent. Shades of Cthulu?!!!


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