24th October - Today's News: Mag 7.2 Earthquake Hits Turkey; Over 200 Dead

Turkey earthquake: desperate search for survivors with so far 217 confimed dead amid fears toll could rise to 1,000

As the drought continues in the Vale - only 10.2mm so far this month and not a lot on the horizon - heavy rain in Torquay closes seafront road with weather warning as flooding hits Northern Ireland

'Read for winter' campaign launches in Scotland

New tropical storm forming in rain-soaked Central America

Thailand floods: waters advance on north Bangkok area

Plate tectonics may control reversals in Earth's magnetic field

And finally it's nice to see that Piers Corbyn's warning of a North Sea storm around 21-23rd October has been proven correct as it's wet and windy in the SW, Ireland and Wales ....... And I bet there's snow in Svalbard this week too. He even managed to predict a whole 2 days beforehand that it's be a bit cooler the middle of last week. What a clever chappie!


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