3rd October - Today's News: England & Wales Record Hghest Ever October Temperatures

A scorcher of a weekend with both Saturday and Sunday's date records smashed. Here in Evesham it reached 29.0c on Saturday to make it the 2nd warmest day of the year whilst last night was the warmest of the year, dropping only to 17.3c - which would be warm were it the maximum.

Nationally, the record UK temperature for October set at 29.9c - recorded on Saturday at Gravesend. But apparently north braced for Hurricane Ophelia as south basks in record-breaking heat. Er, no. Ophelia will entirely dissipate in the Atlantic, though a depression is expected to intensify to the north of Scotland bringing wet and windy conditions later this week.

Heavy rain triggers deadly Algeria floods

Tuvalu declares emergency over water shortage

Floods slowly reced in typhoon-battered Philippines as locals ask for boats, food

In South Africa, tornado flattens Free State homes

In NZ, weather experts argue over forecast, rain radar

And in Australia, ski season closes after lack-lustre winter

Arctic ozone loss at record level


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