29th October - Today's News: October Snow Expected in NE USA

Wintry weather hits US, both east and west and, in particular Fall storm could dump more than a foot of snow in parts of New England

US military to survey deadly Thai flooding

Now this looks interesting. Retired meteorologist works on 'world's longest weather record'
- Jim Rothwell has spent 20 years compiling a weather record for Central England back to 56BC. Be nice if in time this could be made available online.

Human caused climate change major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts

Another Chile volcano spews vapour and ash into air - and looks quite impressive with all the snow around

A good, informative article here on what happens when our landfills are full? Personally I'd prefer all waste to be used to produce electricity by incineration. There'd be no need for recycling then, either.

As dispute over the construction project continues, Brazil Amazon campaigners occupy Belo Morte dam

NFU Scotland backs review of daylight savings time

Good to hear hydro plans for Glen Cailliche pagan site shelved - I've not actually visited Tigh nam Bodach, must get there some day!


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