12th October - Today's News: Hurricane Jova hits Mexico

Hurricane Jova crosses Mexico's Pacific coast

First hand reports of the Thailand floods: 'roads are now rivers' as Thailand races to defned Bangkok from floods

Really bad news for, er, somebody, as the price of peanuct butter to soar after hot weather ruined harvest in the US

According to Accuweather B.C. winter forecast to be coldest on record. We will see.

Polar mission finds thin ice floes and 'warm' water in high Arctic

Even record-setting rain isn't enough to break Texas drought - whilst here in Evesham it's so far a record breaking warm and dry October with only 3.5mm. However indications are that the second half of the month will be a lot more unsettled - cooler and wetter!

No more updates till next week as I'm off home to Moidart in search of rain, followed by the MBA AGM in Crianlarich at the weekend.


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