28th October - Today's News: At Least 9 Dead in Italian Flash Floods

Rescue workers in Italy search through mud for survivors of storm that killed at least 9 - with dramatic footage of the flash floods here

And it's now reported that at least 11 have died as deadly floods hit Ghana capital Accra

Turkey earthquake death toll passes 500

Tropical storm Rina lashes Mexican coast with rain as residents evacuated

Here in Evesham it rain (lightly) for most of yesterday, producing 14.5mm and bringing the monthly rainfall total up to around 65% of average. Still looks like being the 12th consecutive month here with below normal rainfall.

Warm Halloween weather to end mild October

As the floods continue, Bangkok braced for high tide

Interesting that Scottish winter death rate lowest in 20 years last winter - despite all the cold and snow.

Glaciers in SW China feel brunt of climate change

Dog helps lightning strike Redruth mayor

The Met Office say that lack of computing power 'hindering weather forecasting' - though it doesn't seem to affect Piers Corbyn who is never wrong with his forecasts. Allegedly.

NPP weather and climate satellite launches

Land animals, ecosystems walloped after Permian die-off

Asteroid could be fledgling planet that never formed

And its that time of year again when everyone says how wonderful it is to get up and go to work and school in the dark as UK clocks change trial being considered. Yet again. The story is not quite so bad as it seems though - the proposal is only to look further into whether there might be genuine benefit in it being dark at 10am in winter and still broad daylight 4 hours after children have gone to bed in summer.


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